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Mexican Monday

Hola beautiful people of the internet! It’s Monday and time to kick off an awesome week. So, last week I was in a total mad dash. I had my heart set on finding the ultimate Mexican food and drink combo that could match up to anything I have ever tried in Houston Texas. After hitting two local Mexican spots I came to the realization that what I was looking for just couldn’t be found in South Florida. Nothing beats true Texas Tex-Mex, but I will admit I got plenty full and tipsy trying to seek out a second Mexican Holy Grail.

It all started with a field trip on Monday night to Tijuana Taxi Company that I decided to take with MC. I had eaten here one time before but really couldn’t remember it well enough to compare it to anything I have ever experienced in Texas. From the moment I walked in, me and the little Mexican food loving fat girl that lives inside of me knew that it just wasn’t right. MC ordered a Margarita that honestly looked like an over chlorinated South Florida swimming pool, and it kind of smelled like one too. This already put a bad taste in my mouth. Our food came shortly after the swimming pool Margarita, and that was also less than impressive. Slimy Burrito’s and Refried Beans that suspiciously looked as if they were extracted from a can…no bueno. I will give Tiajuana Taxi Company some credit for putting festive Mexican flag tooth picks in our food, everyone knows how much I appreciate the little things. It didn’t help that the power kept going out at the restaurant as we were pretending to enjoy our food. This was the first strike in my attempt to find some decent local Mexican food.

By the time Sunday rolled around I still hadn’t had my satisfying fix of delectable Mexican food. The jonesing was very real at this point and had to be satiated. My dad and I decided that we were going to go to Roccos Tacos to get this monkey off my back once and for all. We walked in noticed that they offered a Mexican brunch, so of course being the adventurous eaters that we are that’s what we decided to have. From the moment we sat down we began to polish off a pitcher of Margaritas, sadly the Margaritas were not sweet and had an extremely bitter after taste. So already the wind started slowly releasing right out of my Mexican sails. After throwing back two Margaritas each, we both decided that despite the taste they were still doing the trick. Thankfully the nachos arrived at our table right before I started  to catch a serious buzz. The Nachos were absolutely delicious, not one complaint there. The cheese to chip ratio was on point and all of the ingredients were well distributed through the dish. After the nachos my dad and I really should have stopped ordering food so our culinary experience could end on a high note…but that’s not what happened. Between Juevos Rancheros that were very pretty to look at but tasted like wet printer paper and a Breakfast Burrito that just missed its mark we decided Mexican Brunch was not a good idea.

With all of this being said…I can very confidently say that Houston, Texas has all other cities beat when concerning Mexican food. El Patio in Houston has the delectable Blue Rita, that can compete with any Margarita I’ve ever tried between two coasts and win hands down. I mean, how could you not like a Margarita that turns your tongue blue (makes for a cute Instagram picture…trust me) The food is fresh and incomparable to anything I have ever had elsewhere. They stick to authentic Tex-Mex fare; no fusion, no inappropriate mixing of flavors, no bullshit. El Patio was and is still the Heavy Weight Mexican Food Champ in my eyes! If any of you wonderful people ever get a chance to visit Houston, Texas, you should all make your way on over to El Patio. Below is the address to the Mecca of Mexican food.

El Patio

6444 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057

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