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Hey Now Hulu!

Good morning Earthlings! Today I wanted to share with everyone my top 3 Bingeworthy Hulu picks! Every month it seems as if Hulu is encroaching on the domain that Netflix has built. Maybe I’m a little bitter, Netflix did remove Buffy The Vampire Slayer after all (what were they thinking?). Where Netflix disappoints Hulu prevails. The same day Buffy The Vampire Slayer was removed from Netflix, I noticed it was added to Hulu. Now, I won’t be deleting my Netflix account, but I will say that Hulu supplementing some of my favorites has made their streaming platform one of my favorites. With all of that being said I want to share my top 3 picks to start streaming now on Hulu!

  1. Unreal
    Unreal is a scripted Lifetime original series, but don’t let the Lifetime brand fool you. This show takes you behind the scenes of what goes on behind a reality show (specifically a reality show that mimics The Bachelor). We are all guilty of binging on our favorite reality shows, loving all of the conflict and drama. Unreal gives us a glimpse on how reality show drama is conceived. Unreal has plenty of out of nowhere plot twists and keeps me planted every time I watch it. Hulu is currently streaming the first two seasons, season three is said to be airing this Summer!
  2. The Path
    I’m sure most of my ALP readers already know how much I love this show, but it still had to go on the list. The Path is a Hulu original series starring Aaron Paul. We follow Aaron’s character through the inner workings of a cult. The Path is raw and really lets the viewers make their own judgement of life in a cult. If you want to read a little more on The Path there is a review posted within the archives of ALP! Hulu is streaming the first two seasons now!
  3. The Golden Girls
    Last but not least the OG scripted comedy, The Golden Girls. Hulu is currently streaming every single episode of The Golden Girls, so if I were you I would start ASAP. Sometimes you just need to laugh and be entertained without thinking. The Golden Girls ran for seven seasons and at no point in 180 episodes was there ever a dull moment. If you just want to have a laugh and appreciate some older women talking about sex over cheesecake than you need to start streaming The Golden Girls!

Pain In The Neck…Literally

Happy Thursday Earthlings!!! It’s Thursday, we are so close to the end of the week just gotta power on for 48 more hours! For the past couple of weeks I have been having crazy neck pain. I wasn’t really sure whether the pain was from sleeping in a bad position or maybe I pulled something during a workout. Regardless the past ten days have been really uncomfortable to say the least. As you guys know I spend a ton of time behind my computer, the constant computer sitting made the neck pain way worse. I am one of those people who sits slightly leaning forward with my neck dangling downward. Picture a daisy that’s broken right under the flower at the stem (and if you can’t picture it, look up), that’s exactly what I look like sitting at my desk. If the average human head weighs 8 pounds (which I learned from watching Jerry Maguire) thats a ton of stress and pressure on my already hurt neck.

After being stubborn for 9 days I decided I had to go get a massage to work this out. Yesterday I received the most serious full body deep tissue massage of my entire life. Today I woke up with my neck feeling one thousand times better, but the rest of my body is crazy sore; Like just competed at a national cheerleading competition sore, or even get flung down a case of stairs sore. The past couple weeks has been a real pain in the neck (lol, been dying to use that line all day). I’m actually posting today from bed via my laptop. So, I’m just gonna relax and remain horizontal for the rest of the day and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be feeling like a fresh Daisy.


Samurai Gourmet

Happy Monday to all of my earthlings! I am excited to start this week off with a review of an excellent original Netflix series. This weekend I was able to complete the series, Samurai Gourmet. Samurai Gourmet is an original Netflix series that was inspired by a Japanese comic book. Yes, right off the bat you might think I have gone a little “hardcore nerd” by suggesting a Japanese Manga inspired show; but hear me out! To add to everyones suspicions the show is also totally in subtitles, no voice dubs over here!

The reason I even clicked on the Samurai Gourmet was because I noticed it had subtitles. I have been watching a lot more media with subtitles lately because I feel like it enriches my absorption of the plot and characters. If I am simultaneously reading dialogue and trying to concentrate on the actual actors, there is no other distraction that can be had while I am watching. Usually when something with subtitles ends I see that I have a much more solid grasp of the plot and the characters, as opposed to just watching something in my own language. That extra beam of focus really enhances the viewing of the particular show you are watching.

Now, back to the Samurai Gourmet! The show follows a newly retired 60 year old gentleman through his days as a retiree. Sounds pretty boring, right? Here is the twist! Within the retiree lives a mystical Samurai who lives life by every moment. The Samurai eats when he is hungry, rights social injustice when he see’s it, and enjoys an iced cold beer whenever possible. Every episode start with our retiree searching for a meal. As the episodes progress we watch the Samurai take over the old man’s conscious and be the brave justice serving renegade the old man wishes he was in real life. The farce of the “Samurai” let’s the audience see that age is just a number and there is life after retirement. We learn that enjoying your surroundings and taking life as it comes unplanned is the best gift our existence has to offer. Netflix has the first season of the Samurai Gourmet up and ready for all of you to watch! I really hope I didn’t scare you guys off with the subtitles, but I promise Samurai Gourmet is worth it!


Spring Has Sprung

Happy Monday Earthlings!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break and had great weekends! Today isn’t just some ordinary Monday, today is the official first day of Spring. Being a native South Floridian we really can’t tell the difference between our four seasons, but today definitely feels extra springy, ya dig? Spring has never really represented anything for me in the past. It’s a great time of year for weather but other than my usual outdoor beach vibes, Spring has never really made an impact on my life. But, that just like most things in my life lately has changed.

Today I woke up realizing it was the first day of Spring and I actually felt renewed. There was almost a vibrating buzzing coming from all of the nerves in my body letting me know everything is a new. Life as we know it is always changing. I have become more and more accustomed to rolling with life’s punches and welcoming that change. But, I can’t kid anyone here; I am by nature a creature of habit and when change does come there is a part of me that stays very resilient to the eminent nature of change. Recently I have been able to grasp a lot of my anxieties and dangle them over myself instead of holding them inside. While I hold these anxieties I now control them. They no longer fester inside of me controlling everything I do. Now that I have that portion of my life under control, I can welcome change with open arms.

Everyday I am learning that change is good, in fact it’s healthy. So, when I woke up this morning I promised with the first day of Spring to embrace all of the new changes life has laid out in front of me. I need to always remember who I am, but I can’t let my nature stand in the way of new things to come. I feel awakened and I would really like to harness the feeling and hold onto it for a little while. Spring has sprung within me, I hope you guys can read this and let it spring inside of you.


Weekly Buzz Playlist On Major

Happy Tuesday my dear earthlings! Here in South Florida there is a beautiful wind to bird chirping ratio outside and it’s just a really all around nice day! I hope everyone participating in Spring Break is enjoying their time and living it up in SoFlo! Today I gotta share this incredible curated playlist from Spotify. Usually my Weekly Buzz playlist is good but this week it’s super duper good. So bump the volume and enjoy some super sick tunes. Whether you are enjoying Spring Break by the beach, or stuck behind a desk looking out of a window this playlist will make it all better!




Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day Earthlings! I know a lot of female bloggers have chosen to celebrate this day by not posting, but I decided to celebrate a little differently. I would like to thank and appreciate the two women in the picture featured above. At first glance these two ladies might seem like they are dating, but they are in fact sisters. Not only are they sister’s but they are my mother and aunt (what can I say, we keep it in the family lol). These two women have stuck by my side since before I can even remember (I’m talking that in the womb type love).

Gabby Fellner and Liz Dinner have taught me how to care for others and show compassion. They taught me how to make people laugh without it being at the expense of others (which I think is my strongest gift.). Most importantly they have always made sure I understood how to love others. The love these sisters show each other every day is infectious and spell binding. I wasn’t blessed with siblings but I have always sought strength within the love Gabby and Liz display towards each other. I am confident that when it is my time to be a mother and hopefully an aunt I can be half as wonderful as the two of them.

Without these two women I really can whole heartedly say that I would not be where I am today. Whenever I have a hair brained idea they are behind it, no questions asked. I also tend to doubt myself often, and these women have always lent me strength in those situations. Sometimes in life you can find yourself broken on the floor, in my case these ladies have always gotten me back on my feet.

I just want to thank them for being the strongest two women I know. You both have raised incredible families and that is all thanks to how wonderful you both are. So, Gabby and Liz thank you. Thank you for being the best two role models any girl could ever have. Thank you, for making me into the Woman I always knew I could be.


Must Watch: The Great British Baking Show

Happy Monday Earthlings, I hope everyone had a perfect weekend! My weekend was pretty solid except for one sad detail. This weekend I officially finished binge watching The Great British Baking Show. The only good part about finishing a series, is telling you guy’s about it! I don’t think I have ever watched something so pleasantly addictive in my life. The Great British Baking show is basically the equivalent to the U.S’s American Idol (instead of singing the Brits bake). The show is broadcasted on BBC, therefore I binged it via Netflix. Netflix is currently streaming 3 out of the 7 seasons, and I promise you once you start you won’t be able to stop (You will also be super hungry after watching The Great British Baking Show, but don’t say I didn’t warn you).

As most of you know I am not a fan of cooking. I don’t physically like being in kitchens, I don’t like following recipes, and I have zero patience to wait for something to bake. With that being said, I have a total fascination with cooking shows. Cooking shows take the physical part of being in the kitchen out of cooking. I am notorious for binge watching shows like Chef’s Table, Cooked, and pretty much any cooking show I can get my hands on. When I saw Netflix offering The Great British Baking Show I knew I had to give it a shot. After the first episode I was in love, I then immediately got my entire family binge watching The Great British Baking Show. In one weekend we guzzled up all three seasons, and we all want more!

The show begins with 13 contestants competing to be the best amateur baker in Britain. We have two judges; Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Paul Hollywood is a highly acclaimed bread baker, and Mary Berry is one of the most accomplished dessert cookbook writers in the world. Mel and Sue are the two zany hosts you just can’t get enough of. Every episode includes one signature challenge, a technical challenge, and of course the show stopper challenge. At the end of each hour we watch someone go home and a closer knit bunch inch a bit closer to becoming Britains best amateur baker.

If you are looking for something light, fun, and delicious to binge watch this week I highly reccomend The Great British Baking Show. So far every single person I have suggested it to absolutely loves the show, and becomes just as addicted as I did. So binge watchers, do yourself a favor and dive into this perfectly sweet show!


The Plateau

Happy Humpday Earthlings! I hope everyone one is having a great day, I for one am not doing as well as I could be. I have hit something I like to refer to as The Plateau. Exactly a month ago today I started a pretty serious journey to a healthier life. I am working out twice a day everyday, I have totally turned my diet around, and have been closely monitoring my sleep schedule. I began to loose weight rapidly and seeing improvements within myself everyday. Seeing the immediate difference within my body has been pushing me to work harder and harder every day. But, unfortunately I have hit some sort of plateau. For the past four days I haven’t lost nor gained a pound. So for the past 4 days I have woken up, weighed myself, and haven’t been able to see an ounce of difference. This has been the absolute most frustrating 4 days I have experienced since my journey started.

I am writing this as a partial way to vent out my frustrations. But, also to teach myself and anyone going through a weight loss journey to not let the plateau get you down. The whole point of calling something a journey is insinuating that this takes time. I won’t wake up tomorrow a size 4 and I need to recognize that, that is okay. I need to put the plateau behind me and continue my hard work. Not everything has to be centered around appearance. As I really sit here and think about it I am so much happier since I have made these changes, I’m able to sleep, and I don’t get lethargic during the day. While I experience this plateau I must focus on these positive things coming from my journey. I have to stay focused and not let my own search for perfection cloud the path to my journey. To anyone trying to live a healthier life, I know it’s hard but focus and determination are everything. As long as you can see the long term goals ahead of you, don’t fall victim to the short term obstacles. Now, I’m gonna go take some of my own good advice and continue on my journey.


Rotten Tomatoes Is Not The Golden Rule

Happy Tuesday Earthlings! I did something last week I very rarely do anymore. I went to an actual movie theater to see a movie. Yes, I know this sound’s totally ridiculous, but I am not a huge fan of movie theaters. Theaters make me anxious, there is something about being expected to stay seated for hours really bothers me. With all of that being said, I was kinda like, “fuck my anxiety I want to go to the god damn theater to see a movie.”. I am the Netflix queen but sometimes it’s nice to see something new for a change. I decided if I was going to see a movie, it was going to be a movie that I was waiting for to come out. I settled on Seeing A Cure For Wellness, and boy was it a perfect choice.

First of all, if anyone actually based their cinematic opinions on anything Rotten Tomatoes says than you’re doing it wrong. While the beginning trailers were rolling I decided to check Rotten Tomatoes for their rating on A Cure For Wellness. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 40%, to me thats a pretty low score to give a movie. But, I didn’t let Rotten Tomatoes sway my opinion, I decided to watch it with a totally open mind. Gore Verbinski is the badass director who gave us three Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, in my head there was no way this movie was going to only be worthy of a 40% rating. The lead role is played by Dane Dehaan, who was a total badass in Chronicle and in my opinion is the next young Leo D.

This psychological thriller is veiled in horror (which to me is the only way to construct a proper thriller). A Cure For Wellness took me on a journey filled with excellent set design, just enough stylistic enhancements, and that touch of whimsy that is so difficult to capture when dealing in horror. Did I mention the incest?! There is a total weird gross incest situation that’s kind of like a train derailing and you can’t help but watch. Rotten Tomatoes can take their 40% and put it where the sun don’t shine, because I thought it was an excellent movie. It was so good all of the anxiety I usually experience during a movie just melted away. Maybe The Cure For Wellness was my own cure. Next time you want to see a movie I suggest you check out the ratings afterwards. I truly believe poor film ratings thwart people from seeing certain things that they might really like. So go with your gut when it comes to film selection, don’t let some Rotten Tomato tell you what to do.


Stop Entertaining Stupid

Humpday is finally here Earthlings, woahhhhhhhhh we’re half way there!!! I promised myself on Saturday, that I wouldn’t be a part of the herd posting about the atrocity that is Lifetime’s Britney Spears Biopic. But guess what guys, here I am sheep AF posting about it. Lifetime had this absolutely terrible idea to produce a non authorized and severely inaccurate made for TV movie about our lord savior, Godney Jean Spears. I am a huge Britney fan, let’s just leave it right here and not go further than that. I have been to countless Britney concerts, I have traveled cross country to see her Vegas show, and have been making an effort for the past 19 years to be a part of the Britney Spears experience. When I heard Lifetime was making this atrocious piece of garbage, I vowed to not watch it.

This is what this post is about today. I am not here to pick a part a made for TV movie, I am not here to defend other peoples opinions on the project. I am here to explain why if you don’t like the idea of something you shouldn’t entertain it. Here is where I am going to low key slip a life lesson to all of you guy’s via my love for Britney Spears. If something is being advertised and you don’t feel like you agree with it, you just shouldn’t watch it. No one held a gun to anyone’s head and forced them to watch this stupid ass movie, yet everyone still did. Yes, of course it’s great to hear everyone’s clap backs, see the memes, and be one with the public discussion; but why are we entertaining stupidity?

Lifetime decided to release this shitty piece of film during the 10 year anniversary of Britney’s meltdown. Did no one consider that maybe Britney didn’t want to be reminded of that? No, Lifetime decided ratings and shit stirring (as if the 2017 election wasn’t enough for us) was more important than building a woman up. The network likes to fancy themselves as “The Women’s Network”, well guess what I don’t support them. If supporting women was so important to Lifetime they would have never green lit such a project. The Britney movie exaggerated the most negative areas in her life and wasn’t highlighting all of the accomplishments she has under her belt.

So, here I am telling all of my fans, if you don’t like something and you don’t support what something stands for, please don’t entertain it. The more we don’t tune in the less money these bogus projects collect, the lower the ratings are, and this is how you change what we are being given as consumers. Even if it is as little as not supporting a movie, at least you stand for something. This is the thing that makes life worth living, pour yourself into what matters to you, and stop entertaining stupidity. I hope my Britney obsession taught ya’ll something today, with that being said, go to Starbucks and order a Strawberry Frappacino in the name of Britney Jean Spears!

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