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Weekly Buzz Playlist On Major

Happy Tuesday my dear earthlings! Here in South Florida there is a beautiful wind to bird chirping ratio outside and it’s just a really all around nice day! I hope everyone participating in Spring Break is enjoying their time and living it up in SoFlo! Today I gotta share this incredible curated playlist from Spotify. Usually my Weekly Buzz playlist is good but this week it’s super duper good. So bump the volume and enjoy some super sick tunes. Whether you are enjoying Spring Break by the beach, or stuck behind a desk looking out of a window this playlist will make it all better!




Ear Happy

Hello dearest of Earthlings, since my blog is about to do a 24 hour reboot and update I wanted to share a little something. Hopefully your Tuesday is going peanut butter smooth, but if it’s not I have the cure. I discovered this totally ear to ear grin worthy playlist on Spotify, and it can cure any shitty case of the Tuesday’s! So give a little listen and by the time it’s totally cycled through I think you’ll feel a lot better.


BackWoodz Beatz Summer16

Good day earthlings! I hope everyone’s week is off to a solid start, just remember Friday is around the corner…not. As everyone knows my happy place is the affectionately known as The BackWoodz. The BackWoodz (the artist formerly known as my backyard *Happy Birthday Prince*) is where I unwind and find inner peace. Besides unwinding, peace, and all that Namaste stuff, it’s also the dopest backyard pool getaway in West Pines. Summer is finally upon us and the BackWoodz is back open for business. Right before I begin my ritual of obsessive bikini shopping and tanning oil hoarding, I always begin collecting music for the annual Summer BackWoodz playlist. The playlist is ever growing and forever changing, but every year I like to get together a handful of must have beats. Now that I have my blog and I am able to share more with you guys….for the first time ever I am sharing this years BackWoodz Beats Summer16 playlist. Now that we can all be connected by the wizards over at Spotify, I am able to share my epic playlist at a pool near you. This playlist is for the lover of all genres…I would normally tell you what you would be in for but I much rather you just turn the volume up and vibe!

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