Hangover’s: Who Needs ‘Em!

“Holy Hangover”, my most common expression used on a Sunday morning…or even a Monday Morning. Now lovely reader’s you no longer have to suffer that nasty morning after, if you take my sage advice (and by sage I don’t really mean wise; I just mean I’ve hung my head over a toilet time and time again, and I have finally devised a plot to foil my hangover). My hangover remedy has worked for most of my friends and myself of course. Don’t worry people it doesn’t involve smelly ass juices or raw eggs, it just takes some normal household items. My remedy has gotten rave reviews and plenty of people out of their houses to conquer the day, instead of sweating in bed with a splitting headache, nausea, and a bad attitude. Follow these easy steps for your road to recovery…and no I’m not referring to a 12 step program, because we all know rehab is for quitters! 😉

Precautionary Measures: If you plan on having a rager of a an evening you must take some precautionary measures. Before you even start pre-gaming, you must drink at least one 1.5 liter bottle of filtered water enhanced with electrolytes. I like to drink Smart Water, because I think I need all of the intellectual help I can get. Make sure you finish the entire bottle before you start slamming cocktails. The water will ensure you are hydrated for the night and the electrolytes will counteract a headache in the morning.

Midnight Snack…No Thanks: FIGHT THE URGE PEOPLE! I know better than anyone that there is nothing more satisfying than a late night snack (My go-to late night indulgence is Colombian food) but you must not give into temptation. Even if your whole entire crew is about that late night munchies life you must stand strong. The reason for not eating so late is because of the sodium content in the food. The more sodium you consume directly after drinking will just dehydrate you further. The more dehydrated you are the worse your hangover will be! So stay strong and when everyone is munching out enjoy a boring ass glass of water!

Anti-Inflammatory’s For The Win: If you are a seasoned party prince/princess like myself you already know how important Tylenol can be. The moment you have officially called it a night pop two anti-inflammatory’s (Tylenol is a personal favorite because it is mild on your digestive system) followed by two 8 oz. glasses of water. This will stop any risk of a morning after headache and reduce gross day after drinking facial swelling. Also if you are a stumbler (I tend to get a little tumbly after a couple drinks) it will reduce pain and swelling to any alcohol induced injuries.

Knock-Out, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200: This I know is a difficult task within itself, but you must try to fall asleep within a couple minutes of getting home (or you know, whatever house you end up at). Laying down and sleeping will guarantee less puffy eyes the next morning and a fresh face. Trust me I understand after a night out you wanna get your drunk texts written, call everyone in your contacts to tell them how much you love/hate them, but trust me falling asleep right away will minimize your hangover and let you keep some shreds of dignity. If that isn’t killing two birds with one stone than I don’t know what is!

Morning After: If you can let yourself sleep than by all means do so! If you have to wake up early for whatever ungodly reason than do not forget to set multiple alarms! The morning after a night of drinking should be accompanied with a well balanced breakfast and a Gatorade. If you still feel like shit (which I am convinced you shouldn’t if you have followed my advice) you can partake in some herbal remedies (the age old wake and bake can never do you wrong). When your balanced breakfast and Gatorade is done go out and enjoy your day, fight the urge to go back to bed. You will only feel as shitty as you make it, so go out and enjoy your weekend!

Follow my steps and I promise you will have a sure fire great weekend, don’t follow my instructions and have fun in pukey headache purgatory!


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