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Must Watch: The Great British Baking Show

Happy Monday Earthlings, I hope everyone had a perfect weekend! My weekend was pretty solid except for one sad detail. This weekend I officially finished binge watching The Great British Baking Show. The only good part about finishing a series, is telling you guy’s about it! I don’t think I have ever watched something so pleasantly addictive in my life. The Great British Baking show is basically the equivalent to the U.S’s American Idol (instead of singing the Brits bake). The show is broadcasted on BBC, therefore I binged it via Netflix. Netflix is currently streaming 3 out of the 7 seasons, and I promise you once you start you won’t be able to stop (You will also be super hungry after watching The Great British Baking Show, but don’t say I didn’t warn you).

As most of you know I am not a fan of cooking. I don’t physically like being in kitchens, I don’t like following recipes, and I have zero patience to wait for something to bake. With that being said, I have a total fascination with cooking shows. Cooking shows take the physical part of being in the kitchen out of cooking. I am notorious for binge watching shows like Chef’s Table, Cooked, and pretty much any cooking show I can get my hands on. When I saw Netflix offering The Great British Baking Show I knew I had to give it a shot. After the first episode I was in love, I then immediately got my entire family binge watching The Great British Baking Show. In one weekend we guzzled up all three seasons, and we all want more!

The show begins with 13 contestants competing to be the best amateur baker in Britain. We have two judges; Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Paul Hollywood is a highly acclaimed bread baker, and Mary Berry is one of the most accomplished dessert cookbook writers in the world. Mel and Sue are the two zany hosts you just can’t get enough of. Every episode includes one signature challenge, a technical challenge, and of course the show stopper challenge. At the end of each hour we watch someone go home and a closer knit bunch inch a bit closer to becoming Britains best amateur baker.

If you are looking for something light, fun, and delicious to binge watch this week I highly reccomend The Great British Baking Show. So far every single person I have suggested it to absolutely loves the show, and becomes just as addicted as I did. So binge watchers, do yourself a favor and dive into this perfectly sweet show!


Rotten Tomatoes Is Not The Golden Rule

Happy Tuesday Earthlings! I did something last week I very rarely do anymore. I went to an actual movie theater to see a movie. Yes, I know this sound’s totally ridiculous, but I am not a huge fan of movie theaters. Theaters make me anxious, there is something about being expected to stay seated for hours really bothers me. With all of that being said, I was kinda like, “fuck my anxiety I want to go to the god damn theater to see a movie.”. I am the Netflix queen but sometimes it’s nice to see something new for a change. I decided if I was going to see a movie, it was going to be a movie that I was waiting for to come out. I settled on Seeing A Cure For Wellness, and boy was it a perfect choice.

First of all, if anyone actually based their cinematic opinions on anything Rotten Tomatoes says than you’re doing it wrong. While the beginning trailers were rolling I decided to check Rotten Tomatoes for their rating on A Cure For Wellness. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 40%, to me thats a pretty low score to give a movie. But, I didn’t let Rotten Tomatoes sway my opinion, I decided to watch it with a totally open mind. Gore Verbinski is the badass director who gave us three Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, in my head there was no way this movie was going to only be worthy of a 40% rating. The lead role is played by Dane Dehaan, who was a total badass in Chronicle and in my opinion is the next young Leo D.

This psychological thriller is veiled in horror (which to me is the only way to construct a proper thriller). A Cure For Wellness took me on a journey filled with excellent set design, just enough stylistic enhancements, and that touch of whimsy that is so difficult to capture when dealing in horror. Did I mention the incest?! There is a total weird gross incest situation that’s kind of like a train derailing and you can’t help but watch. Rotten Tomatoes can take their 40% and put it where the sun don’t shine, because I thought it was an excellent movie. It was so good all of the anxiety I usually experience during a movie just melted away. Maybe The Cure For Wellness was my own cure. Next time you want to see a movie I suggest you check out the ratings afterwards. I truly believe poor film ratings thwart people from seeing certain things that they might really like. So go with your gut when it comes to film selection, don’t let some Rotten Tomato tell you what to do.


Why We All Need To Experience The Santa Clarita Diet

Monday’s…ugh; I mean especially ugh when it’s the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. But, I have something to make all of you hungover Earthlings excited to get home from work today. The Super Bowl was not the only great thing to grace our televisions this past weekend, The Santa Clarita Diet also premiered. I expect after you all read this review you’ll be racing home to begin Episode 1 Season 1 of The Santa Clarita Diet. I took it upon myself to binge watch the entire first season on Saturday night, so you guys didn’t have to. I’ve been getting a TON of positive feedback from my recent reviews on books, movies, and shows. I thought I would get  jump on The Santa Clarita Diet and review it for all of you so you don’t have woof the whole thing down in one shot.

First of all Netflix went above and beyond to promote The Santa Clarita Diet. I’m totally digging on them selling the show as a real life diet. Netflix sent Green Juice cups advertising The Santa Clarita Diet to a ton of social media influencers, the influencers posted themselves working out with their cups all over the internet. The ingenious marketing ploy made us all believe that there was some new hot diet we all needed to try, when in reality Netflix was selling us a Zombie Comedy. If that isn’t brilliant marketing than I don’t know what is, any show that can create that type of buzz before airing is something I am interested in.

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Oliphant make one of the best on screen campy couples that I have seen in a long time. They have great comedic timing and have us all believing that maybe they really are married. They spear head a witty and well versed ensemble cast, that just completes the whole picture. The show gives me super reminiscent vibes of our dearly departed Weeds. Both shows take place in suburban Southern California, and both shows encapsulate just how hard it is to be a housewife and have a HUGE secret. Weeds and The Santa Clarita Diet both know exactly how to balance comedy with serious story lines. In the case of The Santa Clarita Diet, we are laughing out loud even though Drew Barrymore is eating her neighbors alive.

Drew Barrymore seems to almost be playing herself, The Santa Clarita Diet makes us all think that maybe Drew is a flesh eating residential real estate broker in real life. It’s hard for women to deliver a decent dick and fart joke, but Drew makes it look so natural in The Santa Clarita Diet just like she has in 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer. She also has a way of making a working mom seem whimsical, like maybe I wouldn’t mind befriending this mom zombie. Timothy Oliphant is one hundred percent hitting his mark at playing the cool dad. Between his secret pot smoking, and constant reminiscing on his high school quarter back days; we all have a general empathy for his character. But he doesn’t remain a peaked out high school wash up, we get to watch his character develop strength and a huge set of nuts as the first season progresses.

The only thing I’m upset about when it comes to The Santa Clarita Diet is that I have to wait a year for season 2. It definitely will fill a huge void for any fans of Weeds, but also has forged its own path. Gore and comedy are woven together so well in The Santa Clarita Diet, and I think it has carved its own special niche in television. It will be exciting to see up coming shows that will try the recipe The Santa Clarita Diet has followed. I will honestly say they have taken a difficult task and knocked the ball so far out of the park, I don’t think it can be found again.


Mexican Monday

Hola beautiful people of the internet! It’s Monday and time to kick off an awesome week. So, last week I was in a total mad dash. I had my heart set on finding the ultimate Mexican food and drink combo that could match up to anything I have ever tried in Houston Texas. After hitting two local Mexican spots I came to the realization that what I was looking for just couldn’t be found in South Florida. Nothing beats true Texas Tex-Mex, but I will admit I got plenty full and tipsy trying to seek out a second Mexican Holy Grail.

It all started with a field trip on Monday night to Tijuana Taxi Company that I decided to take with MC. I had eaten here one time before but really couldn’t remember it well enough to compare it to anything I have ever experienced in Texas. From the moment I walked in, me and the little Mexican food loving fat girl that lives inside of me knew that it just wasn’t right. MC ordered a Margarita that honestly looked like an over chlorinated South Florida swimming pool, and it kind of smelled like one too. This already put a bad taste in my mouth. Our food came shortly after the swimming pool Margarita, and that was also less than impressive. Slimy Burrito’s and Refried Beans that suspiciously looked as if they were extracted from a can…no bueno. I will give Tiajuana Taxi Company some credit for putting festive Mexican flag tooth picks in our food, everyone knows how much I appreciate the little things. It didn’t help that the power kept going out at the restaurant as we were pretending to enjoy our food. This was the first strike in my attempt to find some decent local Mexican food.

By the time Sunday rolled around I still hadn’t had my satisfying fix of delectable Mexican food. The jonesing was very real at this point and had to be satiated. My dad and I decided that we were going to go to Roccos Tacos to get this monkey off my back once and for all. We walked in noticed that they offered a Mexican brunch, so of course being the adventurous eaters that we are that’s what we decided to have. From the moment we sat down we began to polish off a pitcher of Margaritas, sadly the Margaritas were not sweet and had an extremely bitter after taste. So already the wind started slowly releasing right out of my Mexican sails. After throwing back two Margaritas each, we both decided that despite the taste they were still doing the trick. Thankfully the nachos arrived at our table right before I started  to catch a serious buzz. The Nachos were absolutely delicious, not one complaint there. The cheese to chip ratio was on point and all of the ingredients were well distributed through the dish. After the nachos my dad and I really should have stopped ordering food so our culinary experience could end on a high note…but that’s not what happened. Between Juevos Rancheros that were very pretty to look at but tasted like wet printer paper and a Breakfast Burrito that just missed its mark we decided Mexican Brunch was not a good idea.

With all of this being said…I can very confidently say that Houston, Texas has all other cities beat when concerning Mexican food. El Patio in Houston has the delectable Blue Rita, that can compete with any Margarita I’ve ever tried between two coasts and win hands down. I mean, how could you not like a Margarita that turns your tongue blue (makes for a cute Instagram picture…trust me) The food is fresh and incomparable to anything I have ever had elsewhere. They stick to authentic Tex-Mex fare; no fusion, no inappropriate mixing of flavors, no bullshit. El Patio was and is still the Heavy Weight Mexican Food Champ in my eyes! If any of you wonderful people ever get a chance to visit Houston, Texas, you should all make your way on over to El Patio. Below is the address to the Mecca of Mexican food.

El Patio

6444 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057

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