Rotten Tomatoes Is Not The Golden Rule

Happy Tuesday Earthlings! I did something last week I very rarely do anymore. I went to an actual movie theater to see a movie. Yes, I know this sound’s totally ridiculous, but I am not a huge fan of movie theaters. Theaters make me anxious, there is something about being expected to stay seated for hours really bothers me. With all of that being said, I was kinda like, “fuck my anxiety I want to go to the god damn theater to see a movie.”. I am the Netflix queen but sometimes it’s nice to see something new for a change. I decided if I was going to see a movie, it was going to be a movie that I was waiting for to come out. I settled on Seeing A Cure For Wellness, and boy was it a perfect choice.

First of all, if anyone actually based their cinematic opinions on anything Rotten Tomatoes says than you’re doing it wrong. While the beginning trailers were rolling I decided to check Rotten Tomatoes for their rating on A Cure For Wellness. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 40%, to me thats a pretty low score to give a movie. But, I didn’t let Rotten Tomatoes sway my opinion, I decided to watch it with a totally open mind. Gore Verbinski is the badass director who gave us three Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, in my head there was no way this movie was going to only be worthy of a 40% rating. The lead role is played by Dane Dehaan, who was a total badass in Chronicle and in my opinion is the next young Leo D.

This psychological thriller is veiled in horror (which to me is the only way to construct a proper thriller). A Cure For Wellness took me on a journey filled with excellent set design, just enough stylistic enhancements, and that touch of whimsy that is so difficult to capture when dealing in horror. Did I mention the incest?! There is a total weird gross incest situation that’s kind of like a train derailing and you can’t help but watch. Rotten Tomatoes can take their 40% and put it where the sun don’t shine, because I thought it was an excellent movie. It was so good all of the anxiety I usually experience during a movie just melted away. Maybe The Cure For Wellness was my own cure. Next time you want to see a movie I suggest you check out the ratings afterwards. I truly believe poor film ratings thwart people from seeing certain things that they might really like. So go with your gut when it comes to film selection, don’t let some Rotten Tomato tell you what to do.

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