The Pre-Game Playbook

TGIF my wonderfully fabulous readers! The week is finally coming to a close and now I can finally get down to business. For me business includes solid jams, strong cocktails, hearty laughs, graceful social faux-pas, and the occasional stumbles out of the club. But none of this can be executed and achieved without the art of The Pre-Game. Dear reader do not be fooled, but the pre-game should be held even more sacred than the main event. The Pre-Game Playbook goes as follows:

1. Location Location Location:Make sure when selecting your pre-game location, the environment is welcoming. You never really ever know who and how many will show up at a pre-game so you must anticipate the unknown. The location of your pre-game will set the tone for the night ahead. Always make sure the location allows for a little raucous rowdy time.

2. Appropriate Alcohol For The Outing: This suggestion is less about whether you’re the babe with the beer or the vodka vixen. It is more about where and what your main event holds for the evening. Perfect example; if you are anticipating a house party after your pre-game then I would recommend copious amounts of Fireball shots and no mixed drinks. Mixed drinks are more appropriate for before going out to a club or event. Shots are quick, painless, and straight to the point perfect for getting you amped for a house party. Mixed drinks are more of  smooth transition and loosen you up for a night filled with dancing and high energy at a club.

3. Stay hydrated: During your pregame keep in mind, for every alcoholic beverage you consume you should always drink one glass of water. Don’t try to substitute water with Gatorade because of the sugar and sodium content. If you choose to substitute Gatorade for water you will just end up with a major headache in the middle of your party. And everyone know’s it’s way more fun to have a headache the morning after.

4. Music must be on fleek: The music that will be pumping through your pre-game will set the entire mood for your night. Make sure it stays high energy and care free. Like many social groups everyone has their set of pre-game music snobs that will always try to change whatever you are playing. To avoid this from happening at your pre-game always throw in some Kanye, Passion Pit, Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar, and of course The Strokes. Or of if you don’t give a shit about satisfying the music snobs, just throw a password on your laptop and close the lid.

5. Excuse me BYOB: Make sure in your group texting shenanigans prior to your pre-game the host clearly states the BYOB policy. It isn’t the job of the host to provide all of the alcohol and as friends it is always decent and expected to pitch in. If you forget to provide liquor for the pre-game, etiquette states that you always provide for the main event.

6. DD or no dice: Before the pre-game even happens everyone needs to figure out who the DD will be. Obviously the DD should be rotated for different events, but still must be identified. Once everyone figures out who the DD is, then party on. If there is no DD, have no fear Uber is just a phone call away.

Everyone enjoy your Friday, Stay safe, and I hope your pre-game is footloose and fancy free!

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