Alexis Lee Problems Stands With Orlando

I wish I could start today’s post with a cute one liner or a funny quip but I just can’t. The events that occurred over the weekend in Orlando have left me feeling more emotions than I have ever felt before. As a lifelong Florida resident I am no stranger to the amazing city that is Orlando. I have grown up going there on vacations, visited my friends when they moved up for college, have frequented music festivals there, and have even travelled to Orlando for various sporting events. This week my heart bleeds for this magical city and the atrocity committed against it. This blog is not about political views or ill fueled opinions; it has always been about love, compassion, and understanding. I just want everyone to know who has been affected by the mass shooting in Orlando that Alexis Lee Problems stands with you. Many of my readers are from Orlando and even more of my readers are members of the LGBTQ community. This heinous crime that was cast against you will not go unpunished. The world see’s that there is a bigger evil at hand, a new pure fear and it will be dealt with. As smart young people it is our job to stand together and support Orlando right now in their time of need. Whether it is donating blood, attending a vigil, or just spreading awareness of what happened. Please take this post today as my piece of love and devotion for the victims of the Pulse Shooting. Alexis Lee Problems will always stand by your side, we will always support you, and we will continue spreading love and acceptance through words. Our LGBTQ brothers and sisters need us more now than they ever have, and I have made a decision to stand with them and fight fear.

If you would like to donate blood to help the victim’s of the Pulse Shooting the link below can connect you with a local donation center!



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