Confidence: The Most Important Accessory

Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen! Last night I was struck with an idea that basically hit me like lightning 😉 . I went to one of my favorite local bars and enjoyed a fruitful ladies night; filled with friends, drinks, and tons of laughter. But there was something that I noticed around me that was a lingering pattern amongst girls. After a couple Bourbon and Diet’s I was able to decipher this pattern and pinpoint the issue.

Girl’s seem to have an overwhelming lack of confidence. Instead of seeing girls march up to the bar by themselves and order a drink they were getting boys to go do it for them. Instead of girl’s going to the bathroom by themselves, they were taking a wolf pack along with them. Instead of girl’s starting up conversation they were just slowly slinking into whatever conversation their men were having. I’m not trying to knock a girl who identifies with her man, but I am trying to point out the sexy edge that comes with a woman’s confidence.

As a girl who really only identifies with herself, I couldn’t understand how so many girls could act the same and with such a lack of individuality. What makes us women special is the ability to turn the head of a man, but when you can’t even muster up the courage and confidence to turn your own head how do you expect to lure a man into your grasp(or anything for that matter).

Men love a woman who can make her own decisions, sure there is that small percentage of man who wants to order for you, dress you, and treat you like a small designer dog; but ladies it’s 2015. As young women we need to stand up and search deep within ourselves to extract that confidence. Confidence to me is knowing who you are and what you like and sharing that with others without holding back. Living without having to apologize for my thoughts, not being afraid of how I feel.

I promise ladies if you harness who you are there will be no stopping you on any road life makes you turn on. Love who you are and show other people exactly how special you are. Never be afraid to give your opinion untainted with anyone else’s views. Never shut your mouth because you dont think what you have to say is important, because everything you have to say is important. Never cower in a crowd, always walk into a room like you own it. Make who you are important by loving yourself, your values, your thoughts, and your mind.

Girl’s should be confident for themselves, once you do something self serving watch how fast everything else falls into place. Watch how men line up maybe not to date you but to actually listen to what you are saying. Watch how quick you are taken more serious, but more important than that watch how much more you will love yourself. So before you remember to grab your Louis Vuitton this Friday night make sure you put your confidence on first.


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