Guns, Guts, Glory, And The GodFather Trilogy

For the past two weeks with the help of my trusty side kick (my dad), and a couple of close guy friend’s I have carried out a little bit of a social experiment. I made sure that I engaged in things that men love and women don’t really partake in. The reason for doing this is mainly because of the saying “A guys girl”. Most ladies LOVE to preach how they are one of the boys…But ladies have you ever sat through two cycles of watching The Godfather Trilogy? Have you ever shot a 40 caliber hand gun (and not miss your target)? Have you ever drank enough bourbon to question whether you are at Mardi Gras or still at your local bar? Have you ever gotten down and dirty in a garage doing repairs to a classic car?

I myself can answer yes to all of these questions! But it wasn’t an easy journey into manhood (and boy was I exciting to fix my princess crown back upon my head). If you ask me though, it was a necessary journey. I am now a firm believer that with some enthusiasm and insight about the opposite sex I really do know what “A guys girl” truly means. It’s a girl who doesn’t cringe at the sight of gore. It’s a girl who is excited to go an adventure (and not require five hours to get ready with a full itinerary). It’s a girl who can go shot for shot without complaining that her hair is getting frizzy and her feet hurt.

Now I would not totally say I am fully “A guys girl” but I have definitely been inducted into some underground society of manhood based on my experiences the past two weeks. An experiment that started out to see if a girl could truly hang with the big boy’s turned into something completely different. This experiment really taught me how men are almost like loose soaring spirits of adventure. It taught me how boys can watch an entire movie without making commentary on everyone’s outfits. It taught me that men are still chivalrous (when teaching a girl like me to experience new things). It taught me that men really do appreciate a girl delving into their interests. More than anything it taught me to forever keep an open mind to new experience’s. These past two weeks weren’t only filled with first’s but they were filled with self satisfying accomplishment and pride because I tried so many new things! So boy’s thank you for holding my hand and taking me on a walk to the wild side. I would like to raise my glass in honor of all the men out there who love their bourbon, a nice rack, and a fast car; without guy’s like you life would just be boring!

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