The Hotmess Express Vacation Series: Part IV

Finally, the conclusion of The Hotmess Express Vacation Series! So after six days of clubbing, pool parties, and schmoozing in Las Vegas it was time to board the red eye back to South Florida. Within six hours of being back home I had to unpack my Las Vegas luggage and repack a quick carry on. This was not your ordinary carry on; it had magnums of Grey Goose (those weren’t the only magnums I packed), an exceptionally large beer funnel, and plenty of Fat Tuesday sports bottles. Yes, you guys guessed it… I was headed to my best friend’s 21st birthday weekend.

We decided to stay at the Atlantic Resort and Spa in Ft. Lauderdale beach. The hotel had just enough class without feeling stuffy, it was the perfect setting for what was about to go down. It all started with my best friend and I setting up the room for our friends. We had to chill the Champagne and vodka, lay towels underneath door jams, and hang all of our clothes up.

At around 3:00 in the afternoon we had over 16 people in my best friend’s 2 bedroom suite. The vodka was flowing, the birthday girl was taking shots, pizza was being eaten in secret corners (because no one likes sharing their drunk pizza), and ice was on a rapid delivery service. I made BFF with our ice delivery boy, Icebox Joe and he made sure the buckets were being delivered by the truckload.

By 10:00 in the evening the craziness ensued. My best friend and I got in one of our famous fights. In front of everyone wielding large cocktails and very hot straightening irons, we stood screaming at each other. If we weren’t involved in the argument we totally would have been gossiping about our own behavior for a month. So after we had our diva infused Kourtney and Kim battle, we obviously kissed and made up (because aint nobody got time for that). We were even more happy to give our friends some entertainment, because we already knew the fight would fuel the gossip throughout the night and secretly we both love when people talk shit about us…total sickos.

11:30 rolls around we all take our last shots in the hotel room and head out to Americas Backyard. Sadly my best friend turned 21 in the car, but with the windows down and enough obnoxious screaming and yelling it worked out (yes, of course we had a DD). We glided right into the bar where all of our friend’s were and drank and danced the night away. Before we knew it 2 bars later, infinite shots, and many collected phone numbers we decided it was time to go.

The next morning we were missing one soldier who will remain nameless. Apparently I accidentally locked him out of the room, but god bless my friends and how understanding they are. My friend ended up sleeping in the hallway, but moseyed on back to the room at around 9:00 AM. The next activity was brunch filled with bottomless mimosas, fried chicken, and biscuits. It was a great weekend and even better because I got to spend an incredible milestone with my best friend. If you’re reading this “Brother” I hope it was the birthday you have been dreaming of for the past 3 years!

All in all my eight day bi-coastal adventure was one of the best vacations I have ever taken and I’m so lucky I could record it all right here! Hope you guys enjoyed the series and picked up some great party tips along the way.








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