The Hotmess Express Vacation Series: Part II

So yesterday, I left you guys off at arriving at a private two story penthouse party. Now, I am from Miami and it is kind of hard to impress me. Nightlife is my thing; I eat, sleep, and breathe a good party. Now when I tell you my socks were knocked off by this party, it’s really telling you something.

As I walked up to this penthouse party I had to provide a private invitation to two very large bouncers. After procuring my golden ticket from inside my Louis clutch, I was in. I was immediately greeted with a delicious mixed vodka cocktail from a gorgeous naked woman (anyone who knows me, understands that I love me some gratuitous nudity). As I trekked through the party gorgeous GoGo dancers caught my eye. Beautiful floral arrangements were bursting from every corner and crevice. At every turn someone was urging champagne into my more than welcoming hands.

Once I finished my first cocktail another gorgeous scantily clad male model magically made an0other one appear in my hand. As I explored, schmoozed, and walked around I noticed the balcony. Now this was not your run of the mill balcony. It was a two tiered stacked balcony that cantilevered out from the penthouse. The views were breathtaking along with all of the gorgeous men surrounding me.

Since I ended up at this party totally solo, I was really able to take things in. Focus on how they do it in Las Vegas, I figured out that opulence is key! My senses have never been so overwhelmed with so much beauty and excess. After I got my fill of rich men, gorgeous women, and delicious cocktails, I decided to get myself a town car and book it back to my suite. With my feet throbbing, my ears ringing, and my eyes not accustomed to so much artificial light; I was done for the night.

I learned something while at that party, more is always better. Maybe not in any other aspect of life, but when throwing a party I must beg to differ. When throwing a party you must embrace the excess and throw moderation right out of the penthouse window!

Stay tuned ladies and gents; for tomorrow I have more adventures and experiences to share from my bi-coastal adventure!

P.S. If you couldn’t figure out by reading this entry; yes I was totally in The Real World Suite ;). What 25 year old girl didn’t ever dream of partying where the famous third night jacuzzi threesome hook up took place!

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