Miss Too Perfect

What’s up everybody! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend, I know I did! Between manic fits of exercise and hanging out with awesome friends this was the best possible way to end April! But, as I was hanging out with my girlfriends (because this weekend was a total all girls weekend) I noticed something about myself when we were all discussing our love lives. My friends  are all pretty healthy daters, with a constant flow of different guys. They are all talking to plenty of guys in a romantic capacity, they go on dates fairly often, and even a few of them are in pretty serious relationships. That was when I noticed the difference within myself.

Do I enjoy being single; yes. If I found the right dude would I settle down; yes. Am I going to fall into a relationship with the first guy who shows interest; no. As I asked myself all these questions and answered them soundly to myself, I noticed that I don’t really ever have a “constant flow” of men to choose from because all of these guys and I have established relationships as close friends. I am and have always been the cool girl that men feel comfortable to be themselves around. Instead of getting down on myself for being the founder  of the friend zone (because we all know how fabulous I think I am) I have decided that I am just what I would like to call a “Miss Too Perfect”.

A “Miss Too Perfect” is someone who men just truly feel comfortable around. I never judge any of the men in my life, or anyone for that matter. This usually leads to all of my guy friends unloading every detail of every raunchy escapade they have ever encountered. But, like always I never ever judge. I also think it’s important for men to be able to trust me. My guy friends usually feel very free around me, so I am usually confided in my them. I like to be accessible and easy to talk to for all of my friends but, I think my trustworthiness is what guys really appreciate. I think that girls always get a bad rep due to gossip and drama, so I have always tried to stay above both and men seem to really like that in a friend. It’s also important for my guy friends to know that I am interested in what they like. I think it’s super important to educate yourself in things that your friends like. It’s a considerate gesture and also helps you relate better to the people that you surround yourself with. It just so happens that I really enjoy the same things that most men like. Whether it’s cars, motorcycles, The Godfather, Game Of Thrones, Football; you name it if a guy likes it chances are so do I.

Instead of getting down on myself for not always having the fullest of dance cards, I am really happy with how many amazing guy friends I have. I know they all love me like their own sisters and they are all of the brothers I never had. I know that one day I’ll find a guy who doesn’t just become my best friend, but until then I am really happy with being “Miss. Too Perfect”.

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