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The past two weeks of travel, fun, and relaxation have been wonderful; but it feels great to be back! I decided to share a Netflix watch list with you guys. During my vacation I got to catch up on all of my favorite shows, but I also got to start some new ones. This list is going to steer clear of shows like Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards because I’m sure someone at some point this summer has told you to watch the obvious. I took some time to pick my top 5 favorite new obscure shows, all of the shows can be found on Netflix (If you don’t have Netflix…it’s time to make a change in your life). So with no further ado I give all of you lovely humans my five favorites!

If you love Sci-fi and intricate hard to follow story lines I highly recommend the Netflix series Sense8. There is currently only one season of the show, but I can promise you after the first episode you will be hooked. I won’t even try to delve into the plot, seeing how layered and complicated it is. But, if you enjoy shows that leave you on the very edge of your seat and are filled with inexplicable action and tension you need to give Sense8 a chance.

Netflix has finally taken the plunge and dove into the cooking show industry. But, with Netflix being Netflix they weren’t just going to produce some sub par average cooking show. Cooked is a cooking science show that is a hybrid between National Geographic and the History Channel. Each episode highlights an element of cooking, as an example the first episodes theme is fire. Cooked takes you all over the globe in an effort to show how the art of cooking and use of the highlighted element impacts the lives of everyone who uses it. I suggest watching cooked after a few puffs of green, due to the gorgeous HD imagery and photography used in every episode.

If you are in need of some super hero antics I highly recommend Arrow. No Summer downtime watchlist should ever be without a little dose of hero vs. villain. Arrow is a show that can be watched live on the CW but I stumbled upon it via Netflix. Three seasons are available on Netflix, so this show is totally bingeable (nothing more perfect than a solid summer Netflix binge). Arrow is about a very wealthy heir who falls victim to a yacht accident and is stranded on an island for many years until he is finally rescued. Except our wealthy heir does not come back the same, he comes back as a bow and arrow wielding vigilante. You will have to watch the rest for yourself, but I promise every episode has a perfect amount of action and nostalgic super hero one liners to keep you entertained.

2.Black Mirror
This series is overlooked by many due to its origins being across the pond. Black Mirror was originally adapted by the BBC, but after Netflix saw its potential they continued to produce it. Black Mirror can be watched in any order because its a story anthology, (that basically means each episode is its own story and nothing carries over to other episodes) I’m so used to watching shows in order this was a fun change. Black Mirror basically shows us scenarios in the future of our world where technology takes over for the worst. Black Mirror is one of the best produced shows I have ever seen, and every time I watch an episode I am in totally mind fucked by the scenario they have depicted. If you love technology and conspiracy theories than Black Mirror is perfect for you.

1.Bob’s Burgers
Bob’s burgers is by far the best show I have discovered this Summer. First and foremost no Summer is complete without a solid cartoon to always have resting in the wings. Bob’s Burgers is a cartoon that follows a family trying to stay afloat running their burger joint together. The characters are hysterical, every plot of every episode is ridiculous, and everyone in the show constantly breaks out in song. Now if these aren’t the perfect ingredients for a cartoon, then I don’t know what is. I made it my number one because it has truly been the best find of the Summer. You can’t compare Bob’s Burgers to South Park or Family Guy, this show is in a total category of its own.

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