The World Is Ugly

I’m not sure if getting older has shown me how ugly the world is, or if current global situations have exacerbated in the past year. By no means do I ever consider myself someone knowledgeable enough to talk about global matters, but it doesn’t take a genius to see we are living in scary  times. Young men and women are dying every day all over the world, not just in our own country. As we have seen in the news recently the world is spilling with hate. Violence, murder, slander, and a general feeling of anti-acceptance; I guess this is our new normal. But, it really doesn’t have to be. Instead of backing up all of your beliefs with hashtags start joining organizations and fight for what you care about. It is super easy to hide behind your Iphone and preach words, but until you display action…all you are is talk. If the standard of the world does not meet your expectations it is our duty as young Americans to change that standard. As long as we unite with action instead of with words nothing will change. The world is ugly and we don’t have to just sit around and glare at it with discontent…we can actually change the world. This is a call to action for everyone who believes in something, stop hiding behind your hashtags and backup your beliefs. Scary times won’t change with words, but unity through community can change anything. Just put your phone down and fight for something more than likes on a socially conscious Instagram post. Fight for your rights as a citizen of the world.

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