My Top 5 Bingeworthy Holiday Break Watch List

Good afternoon Earthlings!!! I hope everyone is all done with their last minute holiday shopping (to those of you who aren’t, get to steppin)! As we hit hump day, I’m sure you guy’s are counting down the seconds till a nice break from work. When the holidays come around I find that even with all of the hectic plans and parties I still have a lot of down time. And as all of my loyal readers know I am a huge “Netflix Binging Buff”, so I thought I would share with everyone my Top 5 Bingeworthy Holiday Break Watch List. Since I am only giving you guy’s five different series to binge on during your holiday downtime, I made sure to select them very carefully. So, with no further ado I give you:

My Top 5 Bingeworthy Holiday Break Watch List 

5. The Walking Dead
After a long time of refusing to give into the Zombie hype, I have officially one hundred percent caved. I didn’t just go full balls to the wall into The Walking Dead. I started with a couple of very high acclaimed zombie novels (The Girl With The Gifts and Znation, I reccomend both highly). After really digging the whole epidemic concept and being semi obsessed with the survivalist mentality I decided it was time to go to Mecca and get into The Walking Dead. I had enough of imagining scenarios played out with only text to help paint the picture of a Zombie apocalypse, so I was very excited to start the series. Let me tell you, the Netflix rating of 5 stars does not lie when it comes to The Walking Dead. A part from being uncomfortably realistic and making this whole Zombie Apocalypse seem totally plausible in reality, the casting is absolutely perfection. The show enables you to separate the humanity from the raw necessity of survival. I think everyone who loves gore, guts, and glory should give The Walking Dead a try. Just a note to future viewers, I don’t reccomend watching The Walking Dead stoned at night alone in your room….you have been warned.

4. Mad Men
Alas, a show that is absolutely stylistically perfect. Mad Men is an eagle eye’s view into a predominately male driven Ad agency in the 1960’s. The dialogue is thoughtful, the outfits are impeccable, and the cast always leaves you wanting more. From the natural swag of John Hamm to the quick macho wit of John Slattery, the strong male influence of the cast is enthralling. But, with that being said January Jones, Elizabeth Moss, and Christina Hendricks make you so proud to be a woman. The show gives a great example of how women began chipping away at the corporate glass ceiling. The entire series is difficult to stop watching once you have seen the first episode, which to me is the most important binge requirement. I can promise that after watching Mad Men you’ll have a taste for expensive Scotch and a hankering for a Lucky Strike.

3. Sons Of Anarchy
Whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or you couldn’t tell a unicycle from a Harley I can bet that you will still love Sons of Anarchy. This gritty drama about a small town run by a violent, drug dealing, fire arm selling, prostitute pimping biker gang. Now if that one line didn’t get you interested then you should just leave this page now. Sons of Anarchy to say the least is an emotional roller coaster of a series. With no drought of the most nauseating Oedipus Complex in the history of the FX Network. A huge draw and added plus for watching Sons of Anarchy was the amount of times in 7 seasons I got to see Charlie Hunnam’s bare ass (c’mon you know you wanna see it). All in all if you like action, iffy facial hair, and greasy biker drama than pour yourself a beer, twist something proper up and tune in to Sons of Anarchy.

2. Stranger Things
One episode was all it took…This is by far the best ever Netflix created show. Yes, I understand only one season has been released as of now but, it’s time to watch in preparation for season 2. If you are into 80’s nostalgia, friendship, Sci-fi, and wonder than ladies and gentlemen Stranger Things is a gold mine. The cast of kids in this show, is the absolute ultimate theme for any squad goals you would ever want to achieve. The soundtrack is the most perfect television soundtrack my ears have EVER been introduced to. But, out of anything else the theme of friendship that runs through the core of this show is what makes it so addicting. Stranger Things makes us all remember that we are never alone, that no matter what happens there is someone out there who loves you. The Sci-fi element is also so brilliantly braided into the plot, it almost makes you feel like you are living the adventure. If you love The Goonies, Lean On Me, and have a strong passion for nostalgia; I can’t imagine you not totally falling in love with the AV Club of Hawkins Elementary School.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Before Alexis Lee ever had Harry Potter, she had Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Buffy was my ultimate role model as a little girl, I mean come on she was a cheerleader that slayed vampires…HELLO!!! Making a television show into a movie…they thought it would never work. 7 seasons and 144 episodes later Joss Whedon proved that not only could it work but it would be one of the most coveted fan series ever created. This is the only show on this list that I didn’t binge on using Netflix, I watched every single episode live on TV. It was my favorite show growing up and lucky for all of you all 7 seasons are on Netflix. It is my most favorite television show that ever existed, and I doubt that will ever change. So, if you have never seen it or itching from some Scooby Gang antics I highly reccomend Buffy to the seriously committed bing watcher. Just know that after watching Buffy you might have urges to locate your towns local Hell Mouth.

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