The 2am Toss-Up

Happy October love bugs! Not only is it the first of October which means it brings us that much closer to Halloween but, it’s also Thursday! Now knowing that everyone will most likely be out and about on the bar scene this evening, I wanted to address a certain phenomenon that seems to be a universal crutch for all millennial’s. This existential crisis I speak of is, what I like to call the 2AM Toss-Up.

The 2AM Toss-Up is that text message you get from either boy or girl at an ungodly time in the middle of the night (usually around 2AM) to “chill”. I wanted to bring this up today because it’s something that I have a lot of experience with. I am a girl who is known to enjoy her nights out, and rarely completes her night once she gets home. Not to say that I am some turbo slut that is looking for naughty things to do in the wee hours of the morning. Once I get home I just tend to not be sufficiently tired, so I reach out to my other night owls. This has been a habit of mine for so long that I really never thought anything was wrong with it, but I was wrong.

I never thought the 2AM Toss-Up was a bad thing until guys started texting me at the hours I was texting them; but they wanted something a little bit different than some friendly company and a couple laughs. To me “Narcos and hang” has the same effect as “Netflix and Chill”. Which we all know is the universal language for sex and no phone call in the morning. Yes, it might seem as if I’m throwing a mega double standard out there, but please let me explain. I now know that it is disrespectful to expect any of my guy friends to roll out of bed and show up wherever I am for selfish reasons. I know that because it has now been done to me and I don’t like it one bit.

I like to really stick to the belief that no matter guy or girl we should all have a certain level of equal respect for each other. With that being said I am now going to make a more than concerted effort to respect people in the early morning hours. I know that I didn’t enjoy constantly receiving messages at that hour, so I no longer want to put that unto others. Our generation has a wild lack of respect for one and other, and yes I know late night rendezvous are fun but compromising your self respect is not. Let us all try to start this exciting new month with some new habits, and leave the old ones in September where they belong.

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