Love: Grower Vs. Shower’

Love is super weird Earthlings. I frequently sit and think to myself, have I ever been in love? I mean I would like to answer that with a yes, but I honestly am not sure if I have or haven’t ever been. The big question about love is, is love something that happens in an instantaneous moment or is love something that blossoms over time? Seeing as that I am not even sure if I have ever really truly fallen in love I thought it would be interesting to uncover the mystery of love. Is love something that shows itself right away off rip, or is love an uphill journey on a steep mountain that doesn’t become actualized till you meet its peak?

As most of my loyal followers know I am currently single. By currently single I mean I am single right at this moment and have been riding solo for the past 3 years. My solemn path as of now has been chosen, I could currently be in a relationship but I am finding that I am most comfortable with myself at the moment. I think I am in a great position to break down love, because I am not in love at the moment. It is best to pull something apart that you aren’t close to, it gives me the ability to judge love in a third person view. Now with all of that being said let’s see the two different case scenarios.

Can love be weighed? Can love be measured? Is love even tangible? The answer to all three of these questions is hell no. Love is something that presents itself and then quickly morphs into something else. For some love turns into marriage, sometimes it results in a family, and other times it just brings togetherness with no commitment necessary. Love is one of natures most easily camouflaged emotions, love is a tool. As humans, we use love to cope, to come together, to understand, and to accept. So, now that we know love’s ultimate necessity, let’s see if it grows or shows itself.

There are plenty of situations where people fall in love with their best friends, in that respect love is one hundred percent a grower. Friendships are based upon love from the start, but it isn’t a romantic love. It’s a love that is forged through trust and mutual respect. Now, if you have fallen in love with your best friend than, I would definitely have to say love is a grower and less of a shower’. It took time for that romance and passion to root itself within the friendship, this love wasn’t discovered on its own. If you ask me the growing type of love is a good base for a long term and happy life with someone. You guy’s have already done the work as friend’s and now as time and experiences flow through two people it sheds light on a more mature love. A love that took time, a love that needed attention, and ultimately a love that needed to be nurtured.

Now, we can get to the type of love I may or may not have experienced before, lol. Sometimes you will spot someone who crosses your path and in that exact moment you feel something. Now, here is where growing vs. showing comes in clutch. Is that immediate passion love? In that first second that you saw said stranger and you got that feeling of complete passion…what would you describe that passion as? Would that be love at first sight…maybe. If you ask me that passion of first sight is just that, passion. I belong to team grower, as I write this and dissect my own experiences I know that I have had that first sight passion. As we talk about love and discuss its inner workings I can say that I have experienced passion at first sight, but never love. So maybe its all about growing, feeding a need, learning a person, and understanding faults. That’s what love is, and on going growth of two people together. So, call me myth busters because I cracked the case!

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