It’s All Happening

Today I give you gorgeous Earthlings a clip, not just any clip. This movie clip is probably my most watched and adored clip of all time. Sometimes people listen to motivational speeches to seek positive reinforcement, but since the age of 13 I just watch Almost Famous. There is really something about a kid going on tour with a rock band to later become a writer for Rolling Stone that really grabbed my heart. I always wanted to be that kid, but as I got older and my life kind of sloppily unfolded in front of me I realized I was never going to be him. A college drop out can’t bag a job at Rolling Stone in this day and age, a young girl can no longer pile herself into a tour bus and not be considered a groupie, and I just realized I was not the next William Miller. But, this clip has stayed with me, because Penny Lane reminds us that “It’s all happening”. No matter how shitty I feel or how hard I work as a writer and sometimes don’t see the pay off, I always know that “It’s All Happening”. Even when times get hard and you feel like there is too much noise in the background of your dreams, just remember it’s still all happening. That’s what Penny Lane meant when she said it, the world is always happening. I recently have been coming into who I truly think I am as an individual and I think my mantra is finally coming true. Maybe it’s all happening, but I actually think that it’s all finally happening to me. Grasp the good when it comes, and run as fast and as far with good opportunities that present themselves. Never say no, always try, give it your best, and just keep reminding yourself that it’s all happening. <3

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