Bikini Body Blunder

Happy Hump Day readers! Today we are talking about the thing I hate to love the most, my forever obsession, and my number one go-to selfie time of year…bikini season! Now if anyone is like me I know exactly when all of my favorite stores get their new swim suits in, I even track when all of the drug stores stock their tanning oil. Yes, this may seem kind of extreme and borderline obsessive compulsive but everyone has their quirks.

But of course before you cant start browsing the bikini racks and loading up on Australian Gold, your bikini bod must be on point. For the past month I have totally immersed myself in a strict workout regime and diet. I know I talk a lot about confidence and not worrying about others opinions, but my obsessiveness over my appearance in a bikini is a different beast of its own.

For me nothing makes me feel better on the inside than the way I look in a bikini on the outside. Like most chicks in South Florida the moment April hits I put down the late night Colombian food and pick up my waist trainer. From the moment I wake up in the morning I am out running on the golf course. I ogle myself in the mirror critiquing every body part, every jiggle, and every curve. I assess the damage I made in the winter and make my battle plan to correct myself. This all may seem very shallow and hyper critical, but it makes me feel good.

To me feeling good is completing a goal you have set your mind and body to. When May first rolls around I know that I will look the best I can. The key to staying focused on completing a goal is just that…focus. Nothing is better than feeling good, and if looking on point in a bikini is what makes me feel good, than that is exactly what I focus on.

With April nearing its middle half, I can confidently say I am halfway to my goal. No, I will never look like a Victoria Secret Angel, but I will look like the best Alexis Lee I can be. I may have used today as a platform for hungry belly sore muscle venting, but it just goes to show sticking with your goals keeps you on track.

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