Turning Points, Milestones, and Everything In Between

I’m finally back from Texas, and even better news my blog is now running to its full capabilities! For the past week I was experiencing some technical glitches that were preventing me from posting. Now that all of that has been worked out, let the good times roll.

Being in Texas this past weekend opened my eyes to some things. The reason I went was to celebrate my best friend of thirteen years engagement to her amazing fiance. I was over the moon to finally be someones Maid Of Honor, and just loved every second of being with my best friend for such a milestone occasion. The engagement party was 100%  flawless. The decor was romantic, The music was fun, and the food was to die for! I mean who wouldn’t like PB&J Foi Gras bites and Lobster CornDogs?

To watch my best friend be such a gracious host and see her in love the way she is, truly opened up my mind to a few things. Being in your 20’s is a time of change. I’m not talking about changing up the way you do your eyebrows or changing your regular cocktail from Vodka to Bourbon. I am talking about real life turning points; marriage, pregnancy, career shifts. Recently I have seen within myself some change. I went from a party every night kind of girl to a girl who really appreciates being at home. I went from sleeping late and waking up with hangovers to going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up to go running.

Now my minor changes seem like nothing compared to getting engaged and committing my entire life to another person. But after this trip I too could possibly see myself in the position of my best friend. A couple of years ago I couldn’t even picture myself in a relationship. This weekend showed me that you don’t have to change your authenticity to welcome in happiness. My best friend has shown me that you can stay exactly who you are while welcoming beautiful change into your life. I am so blessed and lucky to have been an important part in her weekend.

Little does my best friend know she helped me more than I helped her. As I zipped her up in her perfect Alice & Olivia lace two piece outfit and buckled her gorgeous nude patent leather Jimmy Choo’s something clicked inside of me. One day she will be doing the same for me (hopefully I will look half as fabulous as she did). I am growing up and starting to recognize it. The gift of a long term friendship is being able to accept change within each other. We went from eating Cheetos in bed while watching American Idol, to being 25 and sitting in a makeup artists chair deciding our makeup strategies for an engagement party. Growth is good, and change should be embraced! One day it will be my time and this weekend helped me accept that no matter how much growth and experience I come across, the ones I love will always be there.

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