Bae…To me the word just means Bacon And Eggs, but to the rest of the Millennial’s out there it’s a term of loving endearment. Where are the days when you had a boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other???? Well I guess those day’s are long gone away with the Tamogotchi’s and Pogs. According to www.Urbandictionary.com Bae means “Before Anyone Else”. Now I personally don’t think I will ever get down with the B word, but it has taken the nation by storm.

With the breakdown of Bae being stated above, now we can get down and dirty about BAEwatch. In most places summer time is a time to be single, fun loving, and free. In South Florida summer time is the designated point of the year where you are expected to find the hottest Bae around. In other parts of the country the winter time is usually when relationships are forged. Instead of us South Floridians sharing hot chocolate’s with our mates and binge rally watching Netflix cuddled up by a fire, we kind of tilt the game on its side. We would rather take Instagram pictures in bikinis while sharing a Fat Tuesday’s 190 Octane. Nothing is better than standing next to someone equally or hotter than you and knowing you and your mate are killing the game.

Summer is when dudes and chicks are hardcore hitting the gym, getting tans, and swiping right on Tinder until their index finger is sore. Every night seems to turn into BAEwatch. Until we are satisfied with the prospects we have found we will date multiple people at once, and try to file down our options. Your local bars become hunting grounds, your friends become the competition, and your self confidence turns into a lethal weapon. BAEwatch is the name of the game and the way of the Summer season in South Florida. So as Summer starts to creep around our corner, I wish that the odds are ever in your favor and you find the finest Bae to be seen and spotted with. Until then happy hunting, be mindful of your selfies, and just remember always blend your contour (dudes love some fierce cheekbones)!

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