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When you walk into an event and you are immediately offered Sangria or a Moscow Mule you should already feel like you are in the right place. Last night my three close friends Kevin, Chase, and Emily Maddox (who happen to be siblings) threw a musical showcase. Not only are they all Mozart talented but they all happen to be geniuses, (I can vouch for their collective genius, because without them who would have done my homework all 4 years of high school) did I also mention that all three of them are ridiculously good looking?. The showcase focused on familiar sounds with a little Maddox flavor sprinkled on top.

They have trademarked an incredible style that mixes classical with new. Swag Session’s is what they like to call it, and I must say every single bar and note is dripping with swag. It’s a rare feat to take classical piano, heavy bass, and drums and create covers of Hip-Hop hits like “Look At Me Now”. When I listen to their covers I totally forget about Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown and only see The Maddox clan. They have a unique way of removing your past notion of certain music and replacing it with their own twist.

All three siblings are classically trained musicians and are all around bad asses. I mean it’s not everyday you get to sit in a chic living room, eat catered chipotle, sip out of this world cocktails and be utterly entertained. The music was perfect, the vibe was close and familiar…but the best part was being mesmerized by sheer uninterrupted talent. To watch three people that share such a passion and are so good at what they do is really out of this world.

Luckily you guys can experience The Maddox Music Group for yourself! They have a heavy schedule of gigs they play, and you can also hire them for any event! I am lucky that I can enjoy them and their music whenever I please, but if anyone is interested in hiring or watching them all of their information can be found right here!

Maddox Music Group





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