Sleeping Beauty

Hello Earthlings!!!! Only one more day till FriYAY! I am coming to you guys from my new mental place; that new special place within myself is called “Namaste In Bed”. After almost 27 years sleeping on a twin size bed, I have finally upgraded to a full size with a very fancy Tempur-Pedic Mattress. To say the least I basically never ever want to get out of my bed for the rest of my life. I am very sure that this novelty will soon wear off and my bed will just become a place for sleep, but as of now I’m finding it hard to remain vertical. I am a very light sleeper and have been taking sleep aides before bed for the past 3 years. This bed has totally changed the game! for the first time since I can remember I can finally sleep a complete night without restlessly tossing and spending hours upon hours staring at my ceiling fan wondering when the elusive sleep demon would take me into his clutches. I have written a lot in the past on my blog about my sleep problems hoping that maybe my venting would magically put me under sleep hypnosis, but the reality was I just needed a new fancy gorgeous bed. Now that I am waking up fresh and sleeping through the night I want to share a list of things that have improved due to my newfound gift of steady slumbers.

Why Sleeping An Entire Night Is The Best Thing In The Universe

  1. The only bags I carry are under my arm and not under my eyes
  2. When I wake up I am less of a total bitch (I like to call this Bitch Lite)
  3. I wake up and don’t cry throughout my morning workout because I couldn’t get a proper rest the night before
  4. I can now actually move around in my bed while I sleep without the fear of ending up on the floor (If you know me personally, you know I used to wake up on the floor at least twice a week)
  5. When it hits 1 PM I no longer feel like the Tin Man when he runs out of oil
  6. When I wake up it isn’t from an alarm its from the healthy uninterrupted ten hours of rest I experienced
  7. I now get grumpy at 4Pm instead of the moment I open my eyes in the morning

So If you guys are having sleep troubles, you might want to put the Tylenol PM down and think about changing up your entire sleep environment. I’m all about solutions to all of our problems, I hope me sharing my solution helped the rest of you sleepless zombies out there!

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