Are You Playing With A Full Deck?

Hey everyone, I hope the weekend was filled with fun! I took this weekend as an opportunity to stay home and binge on Netflix and snacks due to the fact that my partner in crime was on vacation in New York. A really weird comparison dawned on me while I was elbows deep in Flaming Hot Cheetos; I realized that everyone’s group of friends can be categorized by a deck of playing cards. Now I know this may seem a little abstract…but I think as you read and start comparing who you surround yourself with, you will agree. Lets face it everyone in your crew has an importance, significance, and underlying roll. Just like in a deck of cards, you can’t play the game unless you have a full deck!

The Queen
The Queen is the leader of your pack. She directs your deck in any which way she sees fit. She is the friend that always has the plan. Whether or not she executes the plan or condemns her peers to do her bidding. If The Queen is in control, one way or another what she wants to happen will. You can expect The Queen to take forever to get ready, no matter what the time constraints are, I mean the party doesn’t start until The Queen arrives. She is the girl in your group who demands a certain level of respect at all times. Whether that respect is reciprocating within your friend group is questionable. A girl like The Queen will not ever be told no, under any circumstance. As the matriarchal member of your group you look to her for guidance.

The King
The King is typically athletically inclined, he is that guy who can eat whatever he wants without gaining a pound. Most of the other males in your friend circle look to him for their organization. The King usually has a steady monogamous hookup or girlfriend. He is always put together and really has few enemies. He leaves the drama to the ladies, but never denies a girl of a helping hand or some sage advice.

The Jack
The Jack is the all around good looking friend, whether The Jack be a guy or girl. They are usually good at everything. The Jack is the one you can always call to lend a helping hand. The Jack is also looked to for being level headed and logical, without a Jack in your circle chaos could ensue. The Jack is fearless and good at nipping rumors in the bud. The Jack is the glue, and is usually closest to The King and The Queen.

The Joker
The Joker’s name almost provides enough of a description within itself. The Joker will always be there to provide a laugh when morale is low. He has nothing against anyone in his circle, and is always up for an adventure. The Joker generally acts as a problem solver; because lets face it who doesn’t  prefer solving conflict with laughter? The Joker will never weigh you down with their own problems, and always will let the others vent to him. He internalizes his struggle and translates it into laughter. Without The Joker on your team be prepared for a lot of turmoil and very little fun.

The Ace
Last but not least we get to my favorite member of the deck, The Ace. The Ace is your whiskey sipping mysterious friend. You know who I’m talking about; effortlessly tousled hair, always shows up fashionably late, and always looks like they just walked out of a photo shoot. The Ace will always bring a different date to all social outings. The Ace’s Instagram is inexplicably interesting; photos at 5 star hotels, pictures of The Ace in $500,00 cars, or The Ace amongst super models at an event. The Ace usually has a dope job but never talks about it. Without your Ace your group automatically drops down 10 cool points.

I hope this was a fun and interesting comparison for you guys! Just remember if you aren’t playing with a full deck, your house of cards will be sure to topple!

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