To Hold The Purse, Or To Not Hold The Purse: That Is The Question

I am a huge advocate for chivalry which is a widely known fact, but there is a certain something I see from couples that I just don’t agree with. When a girl and a guy go shopping together there is no reason why you needy women need him to hold your purse. This might come off harsh, but I think for once we should put ourselves in the shoes of the poor guy holding your purse. We all know how much I love list’s, so I thought I could break down my opinion for you guys and dolls, and maybe you can see where I am coming from.

Why your man should not be carrying your purse through the mall.

  1. First and foremost, as a woman who enjoys designer bags why would you want your boyfriend holding your coveted Gucci tote? Didn’t you get that for yourself? Don’t you want other girls to admire your style? Didn’t you work hard for the money it took to afford such a bag? Why on earth would you want your man carrying your status symbol? Hold the bag you saved your money for, show it off on your own arm, you earned it not him!
  2. Second, if you love to shop you should see it as a sport of endurance. What kind of pussy girl are you if you can’t power shop with your man and handle your own items. I take pride in my ability to multi task and hold a million things with my meager two hands. Ladies, look at shopping as a solo sport, kinda like golf. You shouldn’t need anyone else but yourself to complete the task. What would you do if your man wasn’t there to hold your bag? I doubt you would cut your shopping trip short and leave the mall because your purse just “wasn’t feasible to carry”.
  3. Third, let him wander while you get lost in the racks. If you let your man hold your purse while shopping that means he is obligated to stick by your side. That is just unfair to any man, if he has your purse it means he has your phone and your wallet. Phones and wallets are essential to every female shopping experience, so you need them on hand at all times. If you take care of your own purse it lets them roam throughout the mall and go look at whatever it is men like to look at. At the end of the shopping trip he will thank you for not making him endure your tedious try on rituals. And ladies don’t think your slick by making them hold your purse and then putting your phone and wallet in your pockets. Every real shopper knows you never utilize your pockets while trying on clothes. It’s the fastest and easiest way to loose things in any fitting room.
  4. Fourth, we already make them buy tampons for us let’s not also give them unnecessary accessories. It really is bad enough that we send our men out for our feminine care products…why are we now giving them our bags? I know when I am dating a guy I like to envision him as masculine, rugged, and challenging. Nothing says “pussy whipped” more than a guy carrying your bag. I like for people to see my relationship as independent and strong, there is nothing strong about a your man agreeably holding your purse. Do yourself a favor for the image of your relationship and carry your own damn bag.
  5. Fifth and lastly, men are terribly forgetful! In my own experiences with men I have realized that they tend to have short attention spans and an even shorter memory. The last person I am going to let hold my purse is someone who would put it down and forget to pick it back up. If you don’t hand your bag to your man in the first place this can be a total non issue. If you loose something yourself it’s one thing; but I think we all know if someone else looses something of yours it’s far worse. So keep track of your own belongings if you like them not lost in the middle of forever 21.

To the men out there I hope I have broken your Louis Vuitton carrying shackles and you can now live a purse free existence. Ladies please let’s all be more considerate of the men in our lives. Trust me at the end of the day they will thank you for it.

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