Sleepless In SoFla

A bright and early good morning to all of my readers! Clearly it’s a little unusual for me to be posting so early in the morning, but I didn’t get much sleep last night. Come to think of it, ever since I turned 25 my sleep cycle has decided to stop working. It seems to me that every night I really only get a decent three hours of uninterrupted sleep. Gone are the days of 12 hours of sleep comas…I traded my youthful sleep cycle of endless rest for the sleep cycle of a Marine that is constantly on high alert. I’ve talked to a lot of my peers and I was thankful to hear that they experience the same terrible sleep cycle as myself.

So what I would like to know is, what changes in our 20’s that makes it impossible for us Millenials to get a full nights sleep? I think there are some obvious reasons right off the bat that effect our sleep cycles, but I also think there are some strange hidden anxieties we all bear. Obviously when you are in your 20’s you have a significantly higher stress level. We aren’t teenagers anymore and with the shedding of our immature skin, we all inherited something called stress. When we were all younger we would marvel at our parents for waking up at the crack of dawn…now I have that same amount of wonder concerning my own early wakeup time. We are finally getting a taste of what the generations before us have been dealing with.

Shockingly being in your 20’s isn’t as glamorous as I thought it was going to be. My 20’s have taught me that no matter how tired I am, I probably won’t be able to fall asleep because I’m worried about something. Being in my 20’s has also taught me that I can fully function on three hours of rest. At least my body has adjusted to this strange new sleeping habit, but I do really miss the days when I could knock out at any given time.

I have tried every single remedy in the book to end my little sleeping issue. I have tried the sleep inducing teas, I have turned my phone on silent, I have tried to tire myself out before laying down. With all of my trial and error put aside, I think I have cracked the code on sleep. I think all you really need to do to get a goodnights sleep is to turn the volume down on your brain. Whether work is stressing you out, or your waiting for a text from someone, or drama is on your mind; when you lay in your bed you need to just lower the noise. The moment your head hits your pillow you should acknowledge that the day is over and what’s done is done.

You can’t help, change, or alter anything from the previous day because it’s over. Millenials have a really hard time accepting things for what they are, we grew up in a society obsessed with instant gratification and change. When it’s time for sleep you have to kick it old school and give up your power. Laying in bed staying awake will only make your tomorrow more difficult. In a society focused on efficiency, exhaustion is just a hindrance. The moment you can understand that you can’t help what has already happened, I promise you will find your rest. I hope everyone has a great day, and an even better sleep tonight!

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