It’s Not Selling Out, It’s Being Successful

A week has gone by without posting due to technical updates, but oh man does it feel good to be back. A lot has happened to me in the past week of my absence from my beloved Alexis Lee Problems. Times are changing and opportunities are being born at every corner. Yes, I am still the same cynical, night life loving party girl, but I think life may be getting more serious.

As I unload all of my tips, funny anecdotes, and trail blazing insights on this blog I never really thought people would read it and want to hire me for my writing. Well how wrong I was, recently I have been courted by a few paying writing jobs. I always thought writing for pay was selling out, leaving my hardcore edge in the dust, compromising who I am as a writer to satisfy “the man”. How wrong I was…Getting paid to do what you love isn’t selling out. It is knowing that you and your craft are worth something and desired. It’s basically being voted Prom Queen every time someone choses to use your talents.

Sometimes you need to take a large step out of your comfort zone to learn and to grow. Whether you are being hired to write for a publication, or someone is paying you for the art you craft, or just landing a new job in general. We need to embrace changes that come upon our horizons and expand them to the best of our abilities. It is not easy being young and trying to get your name out there. We need to take advantage of all the wonderful new things that appear in our paths. The ones who claim us as sellouts are just not the ones who are working to their brightest potential. Stop paying attention to the people next you, and start focusing on  your own work. The more we all embrace fresh starts and new business ventures will be the beginning of a fruitful existence.

I know that I love writing, and after this past week I know that others have seen my potential. With that being said I will take my career to new heights. I will accept any job that comes my way and do it in stride and to the best of my abilities. Just remember we all have talents and wonderful qualities about ourselves, so don’t ever short change your craft. You never know when someone will call you with your next big gig, its just up to you to start fresh and blaze a trail of your own for potential greatness.

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