Dear Fabulous, Gorgeous, Handsome, Sexy, Socially Awkward, Good Humored Readers,

Being that it is the week of Thanksgiving I wanted this post to be a little love letter from me to you. I am constantly so very overwhelmed with the support I receive from all of you every single day. Around this time last year Alexisleeproblems.com didn’t exist, it was nothing more than a dream. Something I discussed in private for many years with my inner circle. Alexis Lee Problems lived in my head for so long by itself…and then we found you guys. Alexis Lee Problems and I found readers, we found supporters, we unmask enemies, we read hate mail, we cry together, and we share together. What I am trying to say is we are all Alexis Lee Problems. Without my friends, readers, and supporters (BTW I consider all of you as one) this would still just be a hair brained dream living in my head. I am just so dumbfounded and smitten by all of the love and confidence to continue writing you all have given me. As I have mentioned a hundred times; I didn’t graduate college, I’ve hustled odd jobs since the age of 14, and I kind of like to think of my life as a high class suburban struggle. Having Alexis Lee Problems in my life has turned that high class struggle into a battle that I love fighting every single day. But, without my readers this would just be nothing; and for that, I can’t ever thank any of you enough. I also would like to thank every single person that told me I couldn’t do this, because there have been more of you than I would like to admit. All of the negative energy thrown at me in this past year I have converted into fuel. Fuel to succeed and produce the articles that you all enjoy. So to all those Haterade sippin’ fools thanks for making sure I was pushed hard enough to prove all your sorry asses wrong. While we are on the topic of me being thankful for all of the nay sayers, I would also like to thank every mother fucker that ever did me wrong in the past. Without pain and suffering this blog would be fluffy (we all know I prefer leather over fluff) and uninteresting. I have a way of flipping my misfortune with the opposite sex into funny fodder for all of you to read. That within itself is the biggest gift for my sanity. Without the stage my readers provide I would have no way of coping with 26 years of bizarre heartbreak (I can even admit my love life is more dramatic than a Shakespearean Play) So thanks Fuccbois this just wouldn’t be possible without any of you. Bottom line here is I am just so in love with all of you. My writing has gotten better due to me listening to criticism, my skin has grown tougher because of the hate mail I receive, and yes my ego which loves to be inflated is pleasantly gorged at the moment. So let’s keep having a ball and not following the rules, because let’s face it we won’t look this good forever.

Love Always and Forever,



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