Coloring To Stay Sane

Happy Thirsty Thursday Love Bugs! I hope everyone is getting through this week with ease and speed. I found myself very anxious since this week started. I don’t know if it’s pressure to come up with new material for the blog, boy drama (BTW it’s always boy drama), or just planning for a bunch of trips I have coming up. But one thing is for sure, I have been a little more anxiety ridden than usual. I kind of live my life in a nervous state to being with.

My dad has always called it Duck Syndrome. When a duck is seen swimming in the water it appears to be gliding with complete elegance and grace. What you don’t see with the naked eye is what is going on beneath the waters surface. A duck is constantly manically beating its webbed feet below the surface just to keep that cool facade going above the water. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling this week.

So, me being someone who likes to self solve their issues picked up one of my favorite coping mechanisms. When I am feeling anxious and cannot seem to find the source of my troubles, I pick up a coloring book and take it from there. Adult Coloring Books have made a huge splash on the scene as of lately and are sold everywhere. You can find them in Michaels, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, etc. I wanted to share this anxiety relieving tool with you guys because it helps me so much. About a year ago my aunt (who is actually an artist and my best friend in the universe) turned me on to Adult Coloring Books and I never looked back. Luckily my friends noticed how much I enjoy them, and I got a bunch of new ones for my birthday that passed last week. There is no better way to zone out and quiet the mind than coloring. Why do you think our parents used to shut us up with coloring books in restaurants? We might just get older but the science is still the same!

When your hands are idle its never good, add some anxiety to that mix and let’s just put it this way…it ain’t pretty.  As most of you know I am a cigarette smoker, when I am anxious my cigarette intake increases and that just isn’t good. I have noticed that once I pick up the colored pencils and coloring book my wanting need for a cigarette seems to taper off. I know we all have certain vices that we use to cope with stress and that is why I wanted to share my coloring book secret with you guys! When you are feeling anxious and nervous just place the wine glass down, put the cigarette out, slowly lift your foot off the gas pedal. Walk over to your crayons and coloring book and kick it like its 1995. Coloring isn’t just for the keeping the kid alive inside of you, it’s also to keep the psycho adult being birthed within you, in check.

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