Mid-Week Music Mashup!

I am one hour away from being 7 days cigarette smoke free!!!! What better way to celebrate than with a Mid-Week Mashup. Seeing as that I haven’t been smoking, I have had tons of displaced energy. This mix helped me deal with all of the leftover crazy in my system. The moment I woke up I bumped this track and went for a serious run! Between the choppy robot bass, and the perfect mix of trap every ounce of my nervousness melted away. The more I occupy myself with good music and a healthy flow of exercise, the easier my quitting journey as been. Not only do I love these mixes by Trauma (obviously I love them, they make them special for me 😉 ) but now they are helping me stay cigarette free. Mix a little hardcore EDM with a decent jog and you can’t go wrong. If you need to workout some unresolved energy on this fine Wednesday, I suggest you bump this track and tie up those Nikes. Trauma definitely knocked it out of the park this week! Remember if you dig the vibes of the Alexis Lee Problems mixes just subscribe to Trauma on Soundcloud below!

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