An Evening At The Shack In The Back

Have you guys ever felt like magic is actually in the air? Well, I feel like that anytime I have to go on assignment to see a concert, but last Friday night I experienced something that I have never felt before. For the first time ever I decided to cover a Folk Music concert. This wasn’t any old show, it was more than that; it was a total experience. The whole reason why I went was to see my friend Margo Segal perform with her mom, Ellen Bukstel. I had seen Ellen perform once before, but last Friday night was a whole different experience. I decided that since it was my second show of Ellen’s that this time I would take notes and cover it, and man am I glad I did. Me coming out to support a friend ended up being one of the most whimsical nights of my life.

Let me set the scene for you guys. Ellen Bukstel and her family live on a large piece of land in Southwest Ranches. In the center of their land is a large concert venue equipped with ample seating, a professionally lit stage, and a large campfire area. As a lover of the great outdoors, I must say it’s one of my most favorite homes to visit. From the moment I got there Margo and Ellen were warming up their vocals and practicing diligently in the main house. While they were getting ready Margo’s brothers were setting up all of the video and sound equipment (yes, it is a total family affair!) When the show was about to begin I parked myself right in front, I decided that for this concert I wasn’t going to miss a thing. With pen and paper in hand, I knew I was in for a treat. Little did I know it may just have been the last concert thrown at what is called so lovingly, “The Shack In The Back”. Since the piece of land was recently placed for sale, this was the final concert on their property in their own venue.

As I looked around at all of the faces around me the one thing I really noticed about Ellen Bukstel’s fan following is their sense of camaraderie. Everyone knows each other and is so friendly, and they were very welcoming to me as well. I got such a kick at watching everyone eat together and help one another. The sense of community amongst these fans was awe striking; I could tell that the folk community was something very special. Folk is a genre based off of story telling with elements of acoustic guitar and the smoothest hint of what Rock and Jazz were birthed on. If you are a Jam Band fan I definitely suggest exploring the world of Folk Music. A genre based on such spiritually cerebral story telling could really only house fans with such spirits.

Ellen Opened the show with a very witty speech and then we delved right into the music. Ellen isn’t just a phenomenal performer, her song writing abilities are also incredible. She writes music that is geared toward social issues and making the public aware of them, but it isn’t all so serious. She also writes very witty songs about women’s issues that will have your side hurting from the giggles. As she played all of her amazing tunes and welcomed guests on stage to preform with her, I was mesmerized. You know you are having a good time when you cant take your eyes off of the stage. That is always how I have judged my assignments, if my eyes start wandering then I guess my attention could be better spent elsewhere. Last Friday night my attention was one hundred percent captivated with all of the pure artistic talent that was presented before me.

After an intermission where I burned a quick doob (I mean come on, I was feeling the folk vibe) I resumed my spot back in front. Margo and Ellen did a duet together that basically brought the house down. It was a spirited song called Real Woman, one line was better than the next. I think this is when the magic really happened that night. Watching Margo and her mom play of each other was incredible. It is always an overwhelming feeling for me to see those types of interactions. As Margo was strutting her stuff on stage, Ellen sang and played the guitar right next to her. It was really beautiful to watch Ellen watch her daughter preform and be able to be up there with her. After Margo performed her song you could tell she was on cloud nine and all of her friends were right there to see it! Last Friday night was magical to say the least, and really turned me on to a whole different world in music. If you guys want to learn more about Ellen Bukstel and her music click the link to find out the next time she is coming to a town near you! http://ellenbukstel.com/

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