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Rosé has to be my most favorite things to sip on in the world. I know that everyone says it’s a trend and that Rosé will sooner than later fade into the background, but I beg to differ. Rosé is most commonly looked at as a seasonal blended wine that is drank between Spring and Summer. But, for the past three years I have been drinking Rosé all year long, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. My motto will forever be “Rosé All Day!”.

Since I have been drinking Rosé for such a long period of time I have definitely cultivated my favorites and have weeded out my not so favorites. Due to the time of year it is I wanted to share my top five picks with you guys. All of these Rosé’s are very easy to find at any large liquor store. A lot of Rosé’s on other lists are only found online and difficult to track down locally. I wanted to give you guys an opportunity to find something great, fast, and easy. So be sure to pull this list up in the liquor store while you are picking out my favorite pool side libation!

5.H To H “Homage To Heritage” Cotes Du Rhone Rosé ($9.99) 

H To H is a Rosé I very recently tried and loved right off the bat. It is very light and fruity and is perfect for a pool day. It isn’t dry in the least and definitely has some subtle notes of grapefruit. I like to pair H To H with very light fare like sliced veggies and hummus or an assorted fruit platter. It is a classic and crip French Rosé that can be a staple in anyones wine fridge. At $9.99 it’s also a killer price for a very good quality french Rosé.

4. Fontanyl Rosé De Provence ($14.99)

Fontanyl is hands down my standard Rosé that I always have chilled and ready to go in my fridge. This Rosé is much dryer and I prefer to drink it in the evenings with a meal. I always find the dryer the Rosé the better it pairs with dinner. I like to also serve Fontanyl as cold as possible and even throw a couple ice cubes in my glass. Since I enjoy Fontanyl on the colder side, I always drink it in a glass with a stem. I do this so the heat from my hands doesn’t transfer over to the wine and interrupt its flavor profile (yes, we may sometimes be trashy over here at Alexis Lee Problems, but we know how to class it up when it counts).

3.Brin De Rosé ($12.99) 

The bottle design for Brin De Rosé really tells it all without even tasting it. The fun bold design on the bottle eludes to this Rosé’s very fragrant, citrusy, and sweet flavor. This is a Rosé I typically bring to people’s houses for a pregame. The bottle design is really impressive and makes for a good hostess gift. There is no need to chill the Brin De Rosé to any arctic temperatures the normal 30 minutes in the fridge before serving is just right.

2.La Vie En Rosé Du Chateau Landereau ($14.99) 

Once I found this Rosé I was totally hooked. My favorite type of flavor profile is light and fruity and La Vie En Rosé hits the nail on the head. It is the freshest and most crisp Rosé I have ever had and it is always in my wine fridge. To add a little something special to La Vie En Rosé I like to pour half a glass and then top it of with a Lime La Croix. It’s my own take on a Rosé spritzer. Since the La Vie en Rosé is so light and silky it compliments the bite of lime in the La Croix. My friends always ask for this cocktail when tanning in the Backwoodz, I highly recommend you guy’s try it.

1. Whispering Angel ($22.49) 

Whispering Angel is the Mac Daddy gateway drug to the Rosé universe. I think it’s the first Rosé anyone should ever try and I can guarantee it will be one of, if not the best one they have ever had. I was first introduced to Whispering Angel while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle ordered a glass of it, and I said to myself, “If it’s good enough for Kyle, then it’s good enough for me!”. It was the first Rosé I ever bought and just like your first car you never forget it. It is still my number one pick out of every Rosé I have ever tried, and always I recommend it to people that are just now being introduced into the Rosé universe. It’s best served chilled with one ice cube and I very rarely like to pair it with food, it’s so good on its own there is no need for a pairing.

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