Season Withdrawal

Earthlings, let us frikkin rejoice because it’s Friday! I don’t know about you guys, but I am thoroughly over this week. On top of being super eager to peace out on this week, I am also super bummed. I think I have self diagnosed myself with something I like to call “Season Withdrawal”. “Season Withdrawal” is basically binge watching all of your favorite new shows, and having to wait a year for new episodes. In my case I not only watch a ton of subscription service based TV, but I also review it all for you guys! So, sometimes I almost feel like I get dually investing in these series.

Since I write for a living I have to schedule my day or else I will lay in my bed all day picking my ass. When you work from home it’s all about self driven motivation. In the mornings I exercise until noon, I then come home to write, and then the third portion of my day is doing my due diligence for Alexis Lee Problems reviews. I get the most and best feedback from my media reviews that it’s some thing I like to focus on every week. A huge portion of that due diligence work is binge watching shows and taking notes on them. It’s literally my favorite part of the day, kind of like when you are in high school and you look forward to lunch.

Here is where the Season Withdrawal comes in! When I have completed watching all of my favorite new episodes…that’s all. Yes of course I also review books and movies, but my favorite reviews to write are of shows. A huge reason why they are my favorite to review is because I am a closet television junky. So, when I am done with all of my shows and the review is written I naturally bum out, and that is where I came up with the condition called “Season Withdrawal”. I recently just finished three new shows, and that “Season Withdrawal” is really creeping up on me. Now I must turn to books and movies to satiate my media addiction but nothing hits the spot like a good series.

Since I am experiencing “Season Withdrawal” at the moment I take breaks from reading and like to take pretty pictures of Sookie. That’s the reason for today’s shared photograph. I hope I didn’t bore you took much with my new found illness, but I have a funny feeling you can all sympathize with me. Wait…this just in hot off the presses!!!!!! Chef’s Table Season 3 was just updated on Netflix today! Consider me cured, I now have a date with a notebook and my Samsung flat screen! Have a great weekend Earthlings!

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