A Long Awaited Return

Hello Earthlings whom I have missed so much! After an almost 3 month break from writing due to a pesky medical condition (we will get to that in tomorrows post), I’m finally back. During this break I have learned a lot, I have spent a TON of time alone, I have become a professional Netflix watcher, and I have taken the hobby of adult coloring to a whole new extreme. I have had some time to reflect on life and the issues I like to write about for Alexis Lee Problems. I am almost one hundred percent positive that everyone will enjoy the newly revived swagger of Alexis Lee Problems. So, let us continue our journey together and crack the walnut of life one problem at a time!

P.S. I would like to thank all of my readers who reached out to me during my absence from the world wide web. All of your well wishes and positive energy helped me deal more than you guys will ever know. <3

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