Peeling The Onion: Layer 3

It is now time for the last installment of my journey through the onion. As perviously mentioned my confinement took a toll on my mental state, but it didn’t totally get me down. Yes ,of course I was sad to be missing out on everything going on outside of my room, with that being said I learned a ton about myself. I like to think of myself as someone who is very self aware, but all of that time alone really made me aware of who I am. I also discovered that I had certain attributes that laid dormant within myself.

First of all I figured out that I have an EXTREME amount of patience. While I was locked up in my tower I started coloring these very meticulous mandalas. A Mandala is a circular design that is made up of intricate geometric patterns. Before the three months of confinement was over I noticed that I had colored over 30 of these. The patience and concentration it took was lost on me while I did them, but once they were finished I was aghast that I was capable of it. I realized that I was actually able to sit down, silence my brain, and focus on one single task until it was completed. The Alexis Lee I knew before this whole mess would have never sat down long enough to focus on something so complicated and time consuming.

I also have learned that taking my time is the most underrated and important thing I have learned to do. I was very much a rusher before my skin problem, but having a problem like severe bacterial acne will teach you how to take your time. Every morning I have to wake up with a full skin regime that I must do, it’s not optional and I cant skip it when I please. With that being said I need to take my time and follow the steps, ever since I had to start this regime it reminds me that I must take my time. If I don’t take my time in the morning to treat my face properly my acne would have never gotten better, and I would still be locked in my cave. Basically if you live your life in a rush and don’t take your time to do everything properly, are you really getting anything done? Taking my time is now my mantra, there is no reason to rush anymore. I have now learned that the more you rush the less you actually accomplish. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off wasn’t enhancing my life but actually hurting it. How washing my face taught me a life lesson is beyond me, but it did and I believe that I am better for it.

Now our journey comes to a close, and I can finally say that I am at peace with my experience. Three months later I am healthy, happy, out of the house, and have beautiful skin. Above all else I think this entire process taught me how to be a better version of myself. Sometimes you need to get knocked right off your high horse and into hiding to realize who you are as a person. Thanks for taking this journey with me through the onion, now everyone go home and take a shower…onions are stinky 😉

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