The Sisterhood Of The Far Away BFF’s

Happy Hump day Earthlings, it’s a gorgeous day to be back in the blogosphere! Hopefully my sites most recent run in with hacker scum will be its last. With that being said, it’s back to your usual programming! I thought since you guys haven’t heard from me in a while I would solve a problem. Alexis Lee Problems was founded on the belief that there is no problem that I cannot solve. As long as I have enough trial and error, I can usually get to the bottom of anything. So, let us take a solid journey back to the root of things; Alexis Lee trying to solve your problems

One of the biggest “problems” I have ever had in my life is when my best friend Natalie moved to Texas 5 years ago. We both knew that when she moved it was going to be up to us to make it work. Since the both of us never ever feign in the site of challenges, we we were up for it. Natalie and I knew that we were about to have a rough road ahead of each us…but we were going to totally kill this long distance best friend bullshit. As I meet more people and grow older I hear a lot of chatter of people moving away and growing apart. When I look in retrospect at our friendship I actually notice that with this distance our hearts as sisters have never been closer. I want to share what Natalie and I do to make it work and how no matter where we are in the world we still know what each other is having for dinner every single night. So without further adieu, here are three easy steps to being in a Long Distance Best friendship!

  • Facetime Dates Forever! Natalie and I have a little inside joke (if I put it on the internet I guess it isn’t and inside joke anymore, lol) whenever we Facetime we always “Thank Steve Jobs Ghost”. Pretty much since Facetime was developed Natalie and I knew that this would be our greatest tool fighting the distance. We schedule Facetime dates on the weekends, and virtually hang out for hours. Whether I am doing the dishes or she is doing the laundry, or if we are both getting ready for a night out in our respective states we can still do those things together. This is why we are always thanking the ghost of Steve Jobs, because he gave us the greatest gift of endless hangouts no matter how far the distance.
  • Hotline Bling! Nat and I have a scheduled morning phone call Monday thru Friday. Since we live in different time zones she calls me every morning at 9am Houston time, which rings me at 10am Miami time! No matter what the circumstances are we both try very hard to never miss this call. We always give each other a run down of how our day is scheduled and then always plan our next chat for after work. Since I work from home that second call is when Nat gets in her car to drive home from work (this is how we know what each other is having for dinner). These two calls a day make it seem that distance just doesn’t exist in our world.
  • Vacations all I Ever Wanted! Obviously telephone’s and facetime’s only go so far, thats when planned visits come into play. We devised a visiting schedule that is fool proof. Every other month one of us goes to the other, this way we end up seeing each other a lot more! Due to work schedules and other conflicts it doesn’t always work out perfectly, but we get pretty damn close to sticking with that schedule. We schedule the trips at least two months in advance, so the flights are always really affordable. We always say, if you want to make it work you have to try! We also love planning vacations together as often as possible. Whether we meet in Vegas for 4 days or she takes a weekend down to Miami and we stay on the beach, we always manage to have the best time.

You never really realize how much you love and appreciate your best friend until they move away. I know we both feel closer to each other now than we did growing up, and I think it’s due to the distance. The distance tested who we were as friends to overcome a challenge together. I know everyday without your best friend down the street from you can be rough, but also know that having a best friend who lives in a different state can be fun! Natalie and I are firm believers that our Cosmo’s are always half full, and I think that’s why we have been sisters for the past  13 years.


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