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Humpday is finally here Earthlings, woahhhhhhhhh we’re half way there!!! I promised myself on Saturday, that I wouldn’t be a part of the herd posting about the atrocity that is Lifetime’s Britney Spears Biopic. But guess what guys, here I am sheep AF posting about it. Lifetime had this absolutely terrible idea to produce a non authorized and severely inaccurate made for TV movie about our lord savior, Godney Jean Spears. I am a huge Britney fan, let’s just leave it right here and not go further than that. I have been to countless Britney concerts, I have traveled cross country to see her Vegas show, and have been making an effort for the past 19 years to be a part of the Britney Spears experience. When I heard Lifetime was making this atrocious piece of garbage, I vowed to not watch it.

This is what this post is about today. I am not here to pick a part a made for TV movie, I am not here to defend other peoples opinions on the project. I am here to explain why if you don’t like the idea of something you shouldn’t entertain it. Here is where I am going to low key slip a life lesson to all of you guy’s via my love for Britney Spears. If something is being advertised and you don’t feel like you agree with it, you just shouldn’t watch it. No one held a gun to anyone’s head and forced them to watch this stupid ass movie, yet everyone still did. Yes, of course it’s great to hear everyone’s clap backs, see the memes, and be one with the public discussion; but why are we entertaining stupidity?

Lifetime decided to release this shitty piece of film during the 10 year anniversary of Britney’s meltdown. Did no one consider that maybe Britney didn’t want to be reminded of that? No, Lifetime decided ratings and shit stirring (as if the 2017 election wasn’t enough for us) was more important than building a woman up. The network likes to fancy themselves as “The Women’s Network”, well guess what I don’t support them. If supporting women was so important to Lifetime they would have never green lit such a project. The Britney movie exaggerated the most negative areas in her life and wasn’t highlighting all of the accomplishments she has under her belt.

So, here I am telling all of my fans, if you don’t like something and you don’t support what something stands for, please don’t entertain it. The more we don’t tune in the less money these bogus projects collect, the lower the ratings are, and this is how you change what we are being given as consumers. Even if it is as little as not supporting a movie, at least you stand for something. This is the thing that makes life worth living, pour yourself into what matters to you, and stop entertaining stupidity. I hope my Britney obsession taught ya’ll something today, with that being said, go to Starbucks and order a Strawberry Frappacino in the name of Britney Jean Spears!

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