Spring Has Sprung

Happy Monday Earthlings!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break and had great weekends! Today isn’t just some ordinary Monday, today is the official first day of Spring. Being a native South Floridian we really can’t tell the difference between our four seasons, but today definitely feels extra springy, ya dig? Spring has never really represented anything for me in the past. It’s a great time of year for weather but other than my usual outdoor beach vibes, Spring has never really made an impact on my life. But, that just like most things in my life lately has changed.

Today I woke up realizing it was the first day of Spring and I actually felt renewed. There was almost a vibrating buzzing coming from all of the nerves in my body letting me know everything is a new. Life as we know it is always changing. I have become more and more accustomed to rolling with life’s punches and welcoming that change. But, I can’t kid anyone here; I am by nature a creature of habit and when change does come there is a part of me that stays very resilient to the eminent nature of change. Recently I have been able to grasp a lot of my anxieties and dangle them over myself instead of holding them inside. While I hold these anxieties I now control them. They no longer fester inside of me controlling everything I do. Now that I have that portion of my life under control, I can welcome change with open arms.

Everyday I am learning that change is good, in fact it’s healthy. So, when I woke up this morning I promised with the first day of Spring to embrace all of the new changes life has laid out in front of me. I need to always remember who I am, but I can’t let my nature stand in the way of new things to come. I feel awakened and I would really like to harness the feeling and hold onto it for a little while. Spring has sprung within me, I hope you guys can read this and let it spring inside of you.

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