Samurai Gourmet

Happy Monday to all of my earthlings! I am excited to start this week off with a review of an excellent original Netflix series. This weekend I was able to complete the series, Samurai Gourmet. Samurai Gourmet is an original Netflix series that was inspired by a Japanese comic book. Yes, right off the bat you might think I have gone a little “hardcore nerd” by suggesting a Japanese Manga inspired show; but hear me out! To add to everyones suspicions the show is also totally in subtitles, no voice dubs over here!

The reason I even clicked on the Samurai Gourmet was because I noticed it had subtitles. I have been watching a lot more media with subtitles lately because I feel like it enriches my absorption of the plot and characters. If I am simultaneously reading dialogue and trying to concentrate on the actual actors, there is no other distraction that can be had while I am watching. Usually when something with subtitles ends I see that I have a much more solid grasp of the plot and the characters, as opposed to just watching something in my own language. That extra beam of focus really enhances the viewing of the particular show you are watching.

Now, back to the Samurai Gourmet! The show follows a newly retired 60 year old gentleman through his days as a retiree. Sounds pretty boring, right? Here is the twist! Within the retiree lives a mystical Samurai who lives life by every moment. The Samurai eats when he is hungry, rights social injustice when he see’s it, and enjoys an iced cold beer whenever possible. Every episode start with our retiree searching for a meal. As the episodes progress we watch the Samurai take over the old man’s conscious and be the brave justice serving renegade the old man wishes he was in real life. The farce of the “Samurai” let’s the audience see that age is just a number and there is life after retirement. We learn that enjoying your surroundings and taking life as it comes unplanned is the best gift our existence has to offer. Netflix has the first season of the Samurai Gourmet up and ready for all of you to watch! I really hope I didn’t scare you guys off with the subtitles, but I promise Samurai Gourmet is worth it!

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