The Path, You Should Take It

Happy Humpday Earthlings! Valentines Day is over and done with, so now we can get back to our regular schedule programming. I started a Hulu series on a whim a couple of days ago that has one hundred percent blown my mind. First of all, as I get more and more into Hulu, I feel like a two bit cheating hussy for leaving Netflix in the lurch. I must say Netflix needed some quality competition and Hulu is bringing the fire. Thankfully all of this competition to continue blowing viewers minds is just resulting in better television for us. So, I think as a whole the subscribers come out as the winners.

Now back to this totally incredible series I started, it’s called The Path starring Aaron Paul. I was a super faithful watcher of Breaking Bad, so when I heard Aaron Paul was coming back to my TV screen I was nothing less than stoked. Aaron utterly embodied his breakout role as Jesse in Breaking Bad. After five seasons of him impeccably playing a Meth slinging, drug doing, but mystically lovable dude; I knew anything he was going to be involved with from that was destined for greatness.

The Path takes viewers behind the scenes of what goes on inside a cult; the cult is referred to as “The Movement” or also as Meyerism. “The Movement” centers its belief around the power of “light” and the ultimate climbing of “The Ladder”. The cult believes that each rung of the ladder is a level gained in your faith. The higher you climb on the ladder the more influence you hold in “The Movement”. The ultimate goal of “The Movement” is for everyone to become one with the light and to reside in “The Garden Of Life”. Now I’m sure you guys are thinking, “Where the fuck does Aaron Paul come into play here?!”. Aaron plays Eddie Lane, husband of one of the most influential members of “The Movement”, father of Hawk and Summer (a lot of hippy dippy names in this show), and questioner of his lifestyle. We are taken through Eddie’s journey into questioning whether “The Movement” is a way of life or a lie in which people are falling victim into believing. He is so raw and captivating in this role, and we finally get to see him play a paternal role in something. He is so talented at playing a father who is struggling with his beliefs, that about halfway through the first episode you can’t stop but feel total empathy for him.

I don’t want to ruin anymore of the show for you guys, but it’s definitely something ya’ll need to hop on. Right now the whole first season and half of the second season are up on Hulu. Hulu gives us a new episode of The Path every Wednesday. Hurry up and start binge watching so that by tonight you can be caught up and enjoying a fresh new episode of The Path.

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