Girl Code 101; Live By It, Follow It, Abide By It

Ladies today is all about you. Now all of us bitches have our ride or die clique of chicks, but there is always the auxiliary girl group. You know those girls you aren’t super duper close with or keen on but you equally try to respect them, not step on their toes, or of course not accidentallty make-out with their boyfriends. With that being said brings the good old use of Girl Code.

We are all girls, and all come with a Louis Vuitton tote filled with gossip, drama, boy, lies, over exaggerations, self indulgences, self obsession, and of course coniving tricks. Now some girls might be reading this and getting awfully upset, but look in the mirror ladies…I promise, you are guilty of at least three things I have listed. Now here comes the tricky part…

As I mentioned prior all girls have their auxiliary group of girlfriends. That is usually the most necessary scenario in which Girl Code gets applied. Obviously when concerning your Ride Or Die girls, Girl Code is always being used and applied because it comes second nature. You always want to assist, help, and above all protect your girls.

The Alexis Lee definition of Girl Code goes as follows:

1. If I didn’t see it with my own two eyes it didn’t happen

2. Even if I did see something happen…I still have no idea what you are talking about

3. Do not begin to think for one second you can ask me about my friends and their relationships with other guys, because I just simply have no idea what your talking about

4. Never let a man talk about one of your girlfriends while she isn’t present. Unless its to say how smart, pretty, and wonderful she is. In that case let the good times roll.

5. If anyone is speaking or sharing malice via social networks, group texts, or word of mouth, SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. We are talking about your friends here, whether close clique or auxiliary clique. We are all girls and all go through the same struggles, do not ever be apart of the problem. Keep things to yourself and dont let bad exit the mouths of others.

6. If your friend and another girl are in the same place at the same time and the other girl is spotted wearing the same outfit as your friend you must immediately notify your friend and quietly vacate the premises. God forbid something like that gets spotted on Instagram…

6. NEVER EVER let your friend out of the house with bad eyebrows EVER.

7. The last rule is to always guide your girlfriends through situations as a stealth bomber. Never let your girlfriend make a fool of herself. Always handle situations with secrecy and poise. No one should ever see your girlfriends fret or sweat, it is your job as a friend to hold it together.

Now with all of those basic things stated; please ladies carry them out with class and grace. And to that auxiliary group of girlfriends these rules apply to you as well. Even if you aren’t deeply imbedded into my social life, respect and love should always be shared between girls. We must kill our caddy, shit talking, bullshit reputations by following the rules. Lets stop being apart of the problem and start helping each other.

Oh yeah I forgot one really important rule, rule number 8…

8. If your friend isn’t sitting in the cell next to you, then they aren’t your friend <3

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