It’s A Girl!

So after much debate and wonder whether to take the big step or not, I finally made a decision. It was time to get a dog! After loosing Gidget a year and a half ago, I was finally ready to open my heart again. Instead of this new pet looking to my parents as its owner, I wanted to be the primary caretake. Now anyone who knows me personally would never pin me as the primary caretaker of ANYTHING, but I felt like I was up for the challenge!

After a 2 minute stroll through the Humane Society kennels our eyes met. There was a little black mutt behind the fence that I knew had to be mine. Once we looked at each other it was all consuming love. Her sign read that her name was “Ruffles”, so Ruffles was the first name I wrote down to request a private visit with. We continued our walk through the kennels and wrote a couple other dogs down to visit with, but I had no interest in any other dog. Once we were about to turn our paper in I started crossing dog’s names off the list, I only had eyes for Ruffles and I’m pretty sure she felt the same way.

As I took my numbered ticket and waited in the lobby to meet my future baby-girl, my palms were sweating and I started to pace. I even had to go outside a couple of times for a cigarette. The nerves were building because as I was pacing I was listening to the dogs other families picked to have interviews with. The most popular name being tossed around was Ruffles. I soon realized I wasn’t the only Ruffles love struck human…but, I love nothing more than a good old fashion competition. I made sure we were the first people at the Humane Society that Saturday morning, which means we were the first people to request and interview with Ruffles.

Number 138 came flashing in red lights, I glanced at my ticket and I knew it was time to finally meet my little girl. From the moment the dog handler put her down it was a total love fest, I immediately started crying and knew Ruffles was mine. After a thousand selfies and a donation to the Humane Society, Ruffles no longer lived in kennel six. Shortly after coming home, I realized she really didn’t know her name so I changed it. My little girls name is now Sookie T. Bone Fellner, she weighs in at 10.5 pounds, and loves sitting in the backyard listening to Snoop Dogg. Consider this her birth announcement, and also stop by http://www.humanesociety.org you might just fall in love!



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