Summer Reading List

Happy Hump Day Earthlings!!!!! Summer is finally here in an official capacity. Along with every pissed off high schooler I am giving my readers, The Official Alexis Lee Problems Summer 16 Reading List. Hopefully you will enjoy my selections and not think I am a defunct old fart bag for sharing a reading list. Writing is my number one passion (duh) but reading definitely slides in as a close second, with the amount of books I consume (1 per week) I think I have a pretty good library to make a list from. This list of books are for my guy and girl readers. I very rarely read gender specific books so this list is perfect for anyone. My voracious reading habit actually led me to investing in a Kindle a couple of years ago (it took a lot of convincing) because there simply was no more book shelf space for my collection. I know that everyone has a little extra time on their hands with Summer afoot so it really is the best time to dive into some new reads. If you aren’t a huge reader of books you might actually just want to pick up one of these bad boys. Who knows you might end up really digging on books, invest in a pair of fancy reading glasses, buy an ivory pipe, a velvet smoking jacket and really become someone interesting.

The Official Alexis Lee Problems Summer ’16 Reading List 

  1. The Game Of Thrones Series By George R.R. Martin
    The television series took the world by storm, but in my opinion the books are far superior. As we all know the series of books is not complete but at 1,000+ pages an installment it will take up plenty of your time. If you love gore, strange sex, dwarfs, and unsettling magic than Game Of Thrones is where it’s at.
  2. Inferno By Dan Brown
    This book was published in 2013 but the movie is soon coming out starring Tom Hanks so this might be something you want to pick up. If you loved Da Vinci Code then this is the right book for you. It features our favorite “Detective of Symbols”, Robert Langdon. Inferno is filled with layered plot twists, a tiny bit of romance, and totally action packed.
  3. Damned By Chuck Palahniuk
    Damned is the book for the sick fuck that lives hidden deep inside of all of our brains. This twisted story is about a little girl’s personal trip in the after life through hell. If this book doesn’t have you hysterical laughing from one second and then wanting to vomit the next than clearly you aren’t reading it properly. It is by far my favorite Palahniuk book since Fight Club and still has yet to be topped. If you really enjoy Damned (which I’m sure you will) then check out Doomed, the sequel.
  4.  Godsent By Richard Burton
    If Sci-fi had a baby with Religious Folk Lore, and then that baby had a baby with Clandestine Military Assassinations then you would get a book like Godsent. This is a wild ride through the life of who is to be believed as the “Messiah”. I wouldn’t normally love a book with religious themes, but the excitement and violence had me hooked. I suggest anyone who likes Dan Brown books to pick this one up.
  5.  A Brief History OF Seven Killings By Marlon James
    The New York Times gave it best book of the year in 2015, and my recommendation isn’t far off from theirs. This was one of my favorite books published last year. It takes you back to Kingston, Jamaica during the 70’s to the early 90’s. This story covers gang violence, to the local sex trade, to a Rock N Roll music festival. The book is written in the native tongue which also makes it a read that cannot be compared to anything else. I highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates the ability of true story telling

These are my top five picks!!!! Start out with these to whet your appetite and maybe as summer continues I’ll drop another reading list!

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