Cinco De Drinko!

Happy Monday to all! Tomorrow is one of my favorite drinking holidays of all time, CINCO DE MAYO!!!! I’m sure my readers have gotten the gist by now that I love nothing more than a holiday that is designed for partying! I have no idea what Cinco De Mayo represents, but I do know that I am very skilled at consuming Coronas and wearing a Sombrero. Yes yes yes…I know, I must sound like some kind of American asshole for not knowing exactly what I am celebrating, but hey at least I embrace my skill for being an asshole. Hey listen, props to anyone who knows what Cinco De Mayo is all about…I’m just not one of those people.

Cinco De Mayo in the suburbs of South Florida is a big deal! Seeing as that we have an over saturation of hometown bars, Mexican restaurants, and rowdy ass twenty somethings! I will lead you towards the best and most effective ways to have the perfect boozey nacho filled Cinco De Mayo you have ever had!

Cinco De Mayo Instruciones (and yes I just dropped some Spanish on your ass)

  1.  Use the day before Cinco De Mayo to search which restaurants or bars have the best beer or Margarita specials. Most bars do Margarita and Corona deals, so look out for those!
  2. Pick your crew wisely, make sure you have a willing DD. Once you figure out who your DD is provide and pay for all of the nachos, tacos, burritos, and fajita’s that their little sober heart could desire.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to one spot! I always try to hit a couple places on Cinco De Mayo because there are just so many specials and deals! I suggest going to one place for food and ending your night at a bar.
  4. Tequila or Beer…Pick one! There is no bigger mistake than mixing all that is Mexican on Cinco De Mayo. Just because Corona and Tequila come from the same nation, does not mean you should be mixing the two. I know it seems like a serious commitment, but trust me you’ll thank me later when you aren’t vomiting into your Sombrero.
  5. Don’t be afraid to munch out! Take advantage of this magical Mexican holiday by eating! Most times I would never stress the whole consuming carbs deal, but Cinco De Mayo is a special day. Mexican food rules, and what better way to pay homage to Mexico than eating as many Nachos as you can handle.
  6. Yell ARIBA as many times as you feel necessary! Listen if you guys are anything like me yelling some sort of phrase or word prior to taking a shot is a must (must be my inner Viking Princess). So do like Speedy Gonzalez and give a good ARIBA from the gut whenever you feel it necessary!

I hope everyone gets down on some awesome drink specials tomorrow and enjoys their Cinco De Mayo to the fullest. <3

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