Greetings Earthlings, I feel like it’s been hard to be an American this past year. Constantly being Bombarded by statistics, articles, opinions, “fake news”, an election that has torn people apart. Not to mention all of the incredible talent we lost to “The Big Hollywood In The Sky”. But have no fear Earthlings I have news that will make you proud once again to be an American…Kevin Smith took to Instagram 19 hours ago to announce the sequel of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back! will begin filming this Summer. Kevin Smith let us know that after a failed attempt at making Clerks III (which is a total and complete bummer) and missing his “Old Toys” he was ready to give his fans what we have needed for 20 years. Kevin also gifted us with some insider knowledge; he let us know that our favorite characters will return and be played by the original actors (Snoochy boochys babies). He also let on to an all star cast of killer cameos, which Kevin has always done best. So dust off your old Bluntman And Chronic comics, pack your bowls, roll your joints, and visit your local convenience store to load up on proper munchies because the Jersey Boys are coming back mother fuckers!

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