Hello wonderful readers of Alexis Lee Problems!!! My vacation is officially over and I feel well rested and more than inspired. I happily celebrated my 26th birthday on Saturday (Let’s be real I have been celebrating this birthday for the past week). Now it’s back to business, so with that being said I would like to share with you all how its really feels to be 26!

The 26 Feels:

  1. Shaking your ass in the club is still cool, but you might just throw your hip out if your not too careful
  2. Sleeping until 11:00 AM is acceptable as long as you’re okay with people low key telling you, you are lazy
  3. You are 26 now…eyeliner and lipgloss by itself is no longer enough. Buy some Foundation and Tinted Moisturizer it will help you “adult” better
  4. You can still order a cheeseburger at a restaurant but you’re gonna get stared at while you eat the bun and fries
  5. Join a workout class, it will give you a false sense of structure
  6. If you still reread your Harry Potter books, do it in private
  7. It is totally okay to tell people you are 25 (maybe it isn’t, but it makes me feel better)
  8. Stop putting cream in your coffee, A mature bitch with a black coffee is intimidating
  9. Listen to advice, don’t just let it roll off your back; suffering is so 25
  10. Smile more, its not cute/cool to be a sour pants
  11. Think before you do. You can only be a stupid ass for so long, it goes from endearing to obnoxious real quick
  12. Embrace the art of brunch. Waking up early to eat good food is a great feeling, stop sleeping in and enjoy your day
  13. Sometimes your inner circle has to shrink and your Netflix Queue grows
  14. Trade your Liquid Cocaine Shot in for a shot of Whiskey
  15. Pay attention to your surroundings, being oblivious isn’t okay after a certain age
  16. Pick up a hobby (yes, I do consider indoor tanning a viable hobby)
  17. Get yourself a pet. It’s the quickest way to teach yourself how to not be a selfish asshole
  18. Try making dinner reservations instead of just walking into a place. Reservations give you a sense of purpose and help with your social sense of urgency
  19. Drinking is for the weekends, work is for the week days
  20. Switch from Delivery to Take-Out
  21. Get a facial once a month, no one likes a girl with big pores
  22. Staying in does not make you a loser, it makes you someone who enjoys being well rested
  23. If you have nothing nice to say, keep your goddamn mouth shut (This goes for all ages, but if you don’t have it figured out by 26 keep trying)
  24. Don’t let others be in charge of your happiness
  25. The past is the past, leave it there
  26. No matter what age you are, stay real, be you, and just keep getting better
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