Grab A Gatorade…You Look Thirsty

Thirsty Thursday is here and its totally time to get weird! Speaking of thirst…I feel like everyone is guilty of a little thirst in their life. A thirst for knowledge, a thirst for attention, a thirst for booty; what I have collected is that the thirst is real! I am the first to admit that I may or may not be guilty (totally guilty) of being a little attention thirsty. It’s okay to know exactly where you fall on the thirst spectrum, but it’s not okay to be obviously thirsty all the time! Here are some quick tips to hide your eager beaver ways and appear way cooler of a cat than you are!

  • Mind yo damn business! Yes, I know asking uncomfortable personal questions is entertaining. And lets be honest who doesn’t LOVE to read someone else’s text messages over their shoulder, but you gotta take it down a notch. People will open up to you more and feel more at ease with you, if you just take a chill pill. The more you listen instead of interject the more you will get out of someone. Yes, it may be a much more boring way to get the information. You would usually take the route of being obnoxious and obvious, but people will like you more. Instead of being known as the nosey prying friend, you can flip the script and be the good listener.
  • You don’t have to yell, we know you are here! This is something that I struggle with all the time! I constantly feel the need to speak more and louder than everyone in the room. Do I think I’m great; yes, but I do not need to scream to let the world know it. Instead of being the loud friend, switch it around and depend on your wit and intellect to let people know your presence. The way you act in a public setting is usually a really good telling of who you are in private. Don’t ruin your image by acting out just to get noticed. Let your subtle actions of knowledge and intellect take you farther.
  • We all know you are single, no need to rent a billboard! Guys and girls alike share a common love for social media. Whether its Instagram (my drug of choice obviously), SnapChat, Facebook, or Tumblr we all have grown to rely on our social networks one way or another. Nothing on this planet is more obnoxious and irritating than people preaching how single they are on the internet. Since we rely so highly on these networks for social interaction, the last thing everyone wants to look at is you preaching to the choir of single people. If you are single that is great for you, just keep it to yourself unless asked. The last way you are going to end up with someone is by the following:
    • Screaming all over the place of how single you are
    • How no one will ever be good enough for you
    • Telling the universe how much you hate your ex

People will find you much more approachable and easier to talk to if you follow these guidelines. Dare I say it, you might actually make some friends! I hope this was a metaphorical Gatorade for everyone, consider the thirst quenched!

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