In Pizza We Trust

Another Wednesday is upon us! I am currently on the official third day of clean eating…which basically means, all I can think about is pizza. Honestly, me thinking about pizza on a regular basis is nothing new or strange. Pizza is one hundred percent my most favorite food, and I’m very enthusiastic about it. Growing up I idolized the swag of Michelangelo’s ordering skills, down to every last bizarre topping. As I got older my pizza tastes evolved, and I too like Michelangelo became more adventurous with my ordering. But finally, at the age 25 I have figured out my absolute favorite pizza topping combination. It took many years to solidify and tweak, but after much trial and error I can say, “I Alexis Lee have a favorite pizza.”.

It all started last Friday afternoon, when I realized my fridge was empty and cash was readily available. I had just seen a commercial for the Papa Johns pizza app, so naturally I found myself downloading it. Never have I ordered pizza from an app, so this just made it all the more exciting for me! Between the animation of my pizza being built and being able to actually see all of my topping options, I was hooked immediately.

After an herbal induced thirty minutes,  adding and subtracting things to my precious pie, I decided that it was perfect. I ended up with a classic Hawaiian pizza with pepperoni, ranch drizzle, and extra cheese. The way a mother would look admiringly at her first-born, is how I saw my glorious creation on my phone screen. I had 45 minutes to prepare for my pizzapalooza…which basically meant I waited in agony through one and a half episodes of Adventure Time. The moment the doorbell rang; it was on like Donkey Kong. As I peeled the pizza box lid back, I knew that my creation was made to utter stoner perfection. That my friends, was the best pizza I have ever had. I like to consider myself a foodie, but sometimes you need to take your fancy coal-fired ovens and shove it. Papa Johns on the date of Friday August 21st, one hundred percent killed it! I urge all of you to try my Young Frankenstein pizza creation whenever the munchies come looking for you!

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