Making It In America

Dear Everyone Trying To Make It,

You are not alone. Do not quit. Whatever your dreams are, do not stop until you exceed them. No matter how bad your day is, never lose sight of your goals. Quiet the haters, they don’t exist. Breathe…take a moment for yourself to recognize why you’re hustling. Embrace the struggle and admire the hustle. Without the struggle and hustle what you are doing has no history, present, or future. No matter how much blood, sweat, and tears; never lose sight of your end game. Put  your mind, body, and spirit in the same exact spot as it was when you recognized your dreams. Hold onto that moment, refuse to let it go. If you’re a writer, keep writing whether you think its shit or genius. If you are a rapper keep spitting, no bar is too weak. If you are a DJ keep producing, no creative product from yourself is ever wasted. If you hustle your 9 to five, keep your nose to the grindstone and put in that overtime. We are all on the same team here, success is the motive, goal, and lifestyle we all want. No more trashing each other, no more putting people down, no more judging others aspirations; it’s time for us to come together. Everyone thinks success is about self-development, but I can tell you there are more ingredients than one. Hustle till you can’t work anymore. Write till your fingers bleed. Create until the well that is your mind is tapped. We are all lucky enough to live in this magnificent land of plenty, it’s time for us to reap the possibilities. Anything is possible as long as you can envision yourself doing it. If you can’t imagine your own success, try harder. Do not let the land of opportunity go to waste. You are only as strong as your support system. You are only limited by your own demons. You set your own limits, you block your own ideas, you are responsible for yourself; it’s time to wake up. We must exceed our dreams, we must crush our goals; with “we” being the operative word, let’s do it together. It’s time to support your fellow hustler, together we can all make it in America. Put your money where your mouth is and shatter the expectations you have set for yourself, I’ll see you at the bank. 


A Very Driven Struggling Writer <3

A.K.A Alexis Lee

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